Gift Ideas #1: Homemade Chai Gluten-Free Granola

This Chai Granola, made with cinnamon and cardamom spices, is one of my most popular recipes. I make it with walnuts, but you can use almonds or a combination of nuts. The chia seed meal and applesauce create great clusters that you can break apart and eat as a snack or crumble for cereal. Soaking the nuts helps form the clusters, and breaks down the natural enzyme inhibitors which nuts contain, making them easier to digest.

Homemade gifts are a great way to show how much you care about someone. To make it easier for you, I’ve included recipe cards below to go along with this gift. The recipe will make about two and a half of these cute quart sized Ball jars. I got them at an Ace Hardware store in my town, but you can also buy them from Ace on Amazon. Double the recipe if you want to make six this size, and don’t forget to sign the bottom of your recipe card :-)

I used paper with flecks in it, and thin woven fabric so that I could fray the edges. I attached the recipe cards with hemp after punching two holes in each card.

Download the image at left to print out your own recipe labels.

Chai Granola

gluten-free, grain-free, low glycemic index

Soak 4 cups of nuts for about 8 hours (I used walnuts in the photo above). Rinse and strain.

Add to a bowl with:
1 cup shredded unsweetened coconut
1/2 cup almond meal flour
1 cup applesauce with no added sugar
20 drops of vanilla liquid stevia
1/4 cup coconut sugar 

In a separate bowl mix:
2 tbsp chia seed meal (I grind my chia seeds in a coffee grinder)
2 tsp cardamom
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp ginger
1/2 tsp sea salt

Combine the two bowls.Dehydrate at 115 degrees overnight, or until it’s dry and crunchy.

♥, Kelly


  1. says

    I’ve been addicted to anything chai flavour lately. I’m even making my banana breakfast smoothies with tons of chai spices. I’ll be trying this for sure, thanks for sharing!

  2. KellyBelly says

    I love this recipe especially that it is raw and the granola clumps. I miss granola that you can easily snack on right out of the cantainer. I will soak my nuts tonight!

  3. says

    Also, can you check to see if your 10% discount is working? I tried to buy your second cookbook, but it wouldn’t accept the coupon code. How much is shipping for one cookbook?

  4. says

    I know this is really sad, but I don’t tolerate chai or flax seeds well. Can I omit the chai and it will still work or is there something that I can substitute with? I’m trying to go more grain-free, and if I could find a good grain-free granola that I can eat, I would love it!

  5. says

    Since I bought the first edition, will you send me the udates and recipes that were added please?
    Also, I couldn’t wait so I bought your second cookbook from Amazon! : )

  6. says

    Kelli, I wish I could send everyone a free second edition, but I just don’t have that kind of money. We only make a percent of the purchase price. Amazon and the publisher each take a big chunk. I really appreciate you buying my books! Most of the recipes that were added are here on the blog, which is free.

  7. says

    Just to be clear, I was not asking you for a free book! I just thought maybe the updates or changes could be listed out in a PDF file or something. I was just wondering what changes were made- like were there improvements made to the recipes I already have for example. I will always wonder if there is a new and improved recipe while I am preparing them. I don’t have the cash to buy the new book. I will leave you alone now!!! 😉

  8. says

    Actually, I wouldn’t want to use eggs in something that will be dehydrated, but in baked items like the gingerbread cookies you just posted, do you think an egg or two would work, or would the arrowroot powder be best?

  9. Elese says

    This looks amazing, can’t wait to try it. Just discovered your blog, and had to order both cookbooks too. Can’t wait to receive them! Everything looks fantastic. I see this is an older post, but just a question for you about this recipe…how long do you usually dehydrate overnight? 12 hours? My “overnight” is usually way too short, 6-7 hrs…Thanks so much!


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