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    Hello There Kelly~

    These look fantastic!! You always inspire! Thank you for these great cookies. I will be making these soon (like I do with most your recipes). I look forward to submitting our Halloween treats this year for the Spunky Halloween round-up: chocolate-chew rice bars (my version of your typical candy bar), chocolate covered figs-on-a-stick…and still perfecting one more treat. Until then…
    Be Well,–Amber

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    Hmm, the link won’t take me to your post. :( I’ll find her site and find your post on my own…just wanted to let you know the link wasn’t working. (although it might be a temporary glitch) BTW…those cookies look WONDERFUL!!

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    These look delicious – but (is it just me?) I can’t locate the post. I clicked the link but couldn’t find the recipe. Gotta have it! Looks so good and a versatile recipe too. Thanks so much Kelly!

  4. Anonymous says

    I absolutely love your website! Your cookbook is already on my christmas wish list. I must thank you for posting your recipes and experiences for others to share.
    I use lots (and lots)of your ideas for my children who have many food restrictions. I was wondering if you have ever substituted gf flours for almond meal flour. She is not allowed to have nuts at her daycare.

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