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Guest Post | Lexie from Lexie’s Kitchen

The birth of baby Ginger Brozyna has got me reminiscing about the days following the delivery of my second. I remember being ravenous after an 18-hour labor and utterly (pun intended) exhausted. The kitchen was the last place I wanted to be—and thankfully, because of some very kind-hearted women, I didn’t have to.

Prior to my son’s birth, I had joined a moms group in Centennial, Colorado. One of their customs was to deliver a meal, once a day, for two full weeks to new parents. I will forever be touched and grateful for that outpouring of love—and food! It took a huge load off of my shoulders and allowed me to focus on what mattered—my baby and my family.

As I contemplated what recipe to share in this guest post, I thought about the kind of meal I’d bring to the Brozyna family. Comforting and hearty came to mind. Yep. A big pot of stew accompanied by a batch of Elana’s Pantry’s almond flour biscuits .

To make the stew, I would follow this recipe for Slow Cooker Beef Stew, using the beef stew seasoning mix below.

Lexie’s Stew Seasoning

Making stew seasoning in bulk speeds up stew prep time by eliminating the need to measure out spices each time.
Makes: Approximately 1-3/4 cups seasoning (for 7-14 batches of stew)
Prep Time: 5 minutes

2 tablespoons SEA SALT
2 tablespoons granulated ONION
2 tablespoons PAPRIKA
2 tablespoons dried PARSLEY FLAKES
1 tablespoons granulated GARLIC
1 tablespoon CELERY SEED
2 teaspoons dried OREGANO
2 teaspoons BLACK PEPPER
1 teaspoon dried ROSEMARY, crushed
1 teaspoon dried DILL
1 teaspoon dried THYME
Measure ingredients into a jar. Cover and shake until well combined.


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    This sounds great, but we’re eating grain-free, so I can’t use the brown rice flour. I’m also very new at using gluten-free flours, so do you think almond, coconut or arrowroot flour would work? Or maybe a mixture?

  2. says

    That kindness from others that one experiences after having a baby is definitely something one never forgets. So glad you experienced such kindness, Lexie, and I hope you, Kelly, are getting the same from all your friends close by. :-)

    That stew of yours looks mighty good and the stew seasoning looks like a wonderful pantry staple. I’m guessing that tapioca starch or arrowroot would work in this recipe, but will look forward to your answer, Lexie!

    Kelly, thanks for sharing the lovely Lexie with us. Hope all is going well with the family, including beautiful baby Ginger!


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