Dairy Free Yogurt & Cherry Popsicles

Dairy-free yogurt pops

Hi everyone!

I made these last week before Ginger arrived and we loved them. “These taste like cheese and fruit! The French would love these! …because they love cheese and fruit!” —That’s what Zoe said while eating one of them. She cracks me up.

I got the idea for this one from Martha Stewart’s July 2011 Everyday Food magazine, which I bought to see the beautiful feature piece by my friend, Aran of Cannelle et Vanille. I have two of Aran’s gluten-free recipes from the magazine on my To-Do-List: her Spanish Tortilla, and Horchata and Coconut Milkshake. Yum! :-)

To make these yogurt and cherry popsicles I just alternated a spoonful of my dairy-free coconut milk yogurt, then a spoonful of cherries (that I pulsed in my blender) to each ice pop mold*, until they were full. Super easy. Looking back, I should have let the kids do it themselves—they love making food. But they were tired out from playing outside, so they were upstairs reading in bed (gotta love that, right? :-)

♥, Kelly

*This pop mold is sold in two colors: yellow and green (I used Photoshop magic to make them violet for this picture).


  1. saskia says

    these look yummy and congratulations, Kelly and family! Ginger looks so sweet. I wanted to let everyone know that the FDA has recently opened up comments from the public regarding gluten free labeling. Go to http://www.newhope360.com and type in “FDA gluten labeling” in the search box, and an article will pop up, at the bottom of the article you can follow the links to submit a comment to the FDA for your thoughts on gluten free labeling. It was really easy, and I’m not a computer person…
    thanks for reading!

  2. says

    The swirls within these popsicles are gorgeous…I am in humid Florida on vacation right now and these would be so refreshing. I can’t wait to try these when I get home. Congratulations on the birth of Ginger!

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