POM Sherbet Guest Post by Shirleyat Gluten Free Easily

My guest today is my dear friend, Shirley, from Gluten Free Easily . Enjoy!

POM Sherbet (or POM Slushie) (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Refined Sugar Free, Nut Free)

In the summer, I can’t get enough of simple sherbet. Even though I make all my ice cream recipes dairy free these days, which I think makes for lighter ice cream, sherbets are even lighter and more refreshing. This POM Sherbet that I created last year is the easiest and quickest from start to finish of all my sherbet recipes because there’s no peeling or cutting of fruit involved, just a combining of liquids and then churning in one’s ice cream maker. And the tart pomegranate flavor is wonderful. (Note: You can even make ice cream and sherbet without an ice cream maker using these instructions from David Lebovitz. I tried his method recently and it requires some time, but it works very well.)

POM Sherbet (or POM Slushie) (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Refined Sugar Free, Nut Free)

2 cups of POM Wonderful pomegranate juice, chilled (or other 100% pure pomegranate juice)

1 can full-fat coconut milk, chilled

¼ cup honey (or agave nectar for vegan option)

7 drops liquid vanilla crème Stevia

Mix all together well (using blender, or bowl and your mixer) and pour into frozen tub of ice cream maker. Churn about 25 minutes.

When you remove the POM sherbet from the ice cream maker, it will still be soft. You can scoop it into a container and freeze for about an hour longer to have a firmer sherbet. Or you can spoon some into a glass, stir well, and insert a straw for a slushie. You will love this recipe either way. The last time I made it, we drank small glassfuls in slushie form and then we enjoyed the sherbet later. It’s a good compromise for those wanting just a little taste the moment they hear the ice cream maker stop!

Shirley’s Notes: Taste the blended mixture before adding it to the ice cream maker. Add additional honey and/or stevia if needed.


  1. says

    I love this recipe!! The colors are beautiful and it is so so simple to throw together. And I am with Ellen, some chocolate chips sprinkled in would be divine too!! And this is one of the recipes that you shared with the App.
    Thanks for sharing Shirley and her recipe with us, Kelly!!

  2. says

    Thanks so much, Kim! It is a great recipe, but no, this is not the one I shared on your Cook IT Allergy Free App. LOL I really am the POM queen when it comes to frozen desserts … I think I have three such recipes that I’ve shared now. 😉 I’m pretty sure the one on your app is POMerdoodle ice cream. :-) And I’m going to have to follow your and Ellen’s advice and try adding some chocolate chips next time!


  3. Anonymous says

    Oh my gosh, this looks amazing, I have to try it! I love coconut and pomegranate. It would be so beautiful to make a sunday using this and fresh pomegranate seeds. I will have to remember to try it when they are in season again.

  4. says

    “Holy” is the word my roommate used to describe this sherbet after just one spoonful.

    Few substitutions, however. For juice I used Bolthouse Farms “Berry Boost” fruit smoothie drink (15.2 oz bottle).

    Used regular liquid stevia and then a few drops of vanilla extract.

    Thanks so much! This is definitely a keeper.

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