Baby Ginger

Ginger was born at home on Thursday, August 4th. She was almost eight pounds—bigger than her two sisters were.
Zoe and Ashley were such big helpers. They filled the birthing pool with warm water (barely in time!) and brought me drinking water with a straw. Andy rubbed my back and comforted me.
I had three midwives, and they made me feel so secure and loved. I cried tears of joy.

I don’t think Zoe and Ashley have ever been so happy as they were at Ginger’s birth and these past few days with her. There is so much love here.
Thank you all so much for your congratulations on facebook :-) It means so much to share with you.
The next two posts I have lined up are recipes I made and photographed before Ginger arrived. After that I have some great guests scheduled, while I take time off with baby :-) But I’ll probably show you more pictures between guest posts.
♥, Kelly


  1. says

    Welcome to the world, baby Ginger! What a lucky baby to have chosen this family— lots of love, lots of warmth, and such fantastic big sisters.

    yay for new babies!
    the world just got a little bit better.


  2. Sarah says

    Mazel tov, mazel tov!! Congratulations. We are so happy for you all, and thankful everyone is healthy. May you all continue to experience only much health, blessings, peace and joy together. We talk about you around here like friends – “Oh, Kelly from the Spunky Coconut had her baby!!” – and my whole family is so excited for you. All the best.

  3. says

    Congratulations! Ginger is just adorable as are your other girls as well. My first was born at home in a birthing pool and it was a great experience.

  4. says

    Oh, Baby Ginger! You and your big sisters are so sweet and so pretty! Those pictures are darling. It sounds like a wonderful birth. Birth can be so healing. Thank you for sharing this special, special time! Enjoy your baby moon!

  5. says


    It is such a treat to see the dear one after having met you when you were expecting her! What a sweet little one and how wonderful to see how your girls are welcoming her and full of love for their new baby sister. Congratulations and much joy to you as you take this well deserved break! We will all be thinking of you and wishing you good nights of sleep and many happy hours cuddling baby.


  6. says

    How sweet! Congratulations to your family and thank you for your blog, I’ve incorporated many of your recipes into our menu and learned alot. God’s blessings to you and your family :)-Kim

  7. Joanna Vanderkooi says

    Congratulations to you! Babies truly are gifts from God, and He is the Author of every good gift and every perfect gift! Be well, and don’t OVERdo, either! 😀

  8. says

    congrats on your homebirth and the addition of baby Ginger! My youngest, and 3rd baby, was a home waterbirth as well–incredible, isn’t it? Enjoy her and all the love she’ll be sure to bring to your family!

  9. says

    Congratulations! She is so beautiful! She seems so attentive and alert to her big sister too.You and your family are truly blessed. Enjoy these days, because as you know they go by so quickly. Even though when you haven’t slept more than two hours iat a stretch for months at a time, it doesn’t feel like it. My fourth baby is already a big girl toddler now at 19 months!

  10. says

    So sweet! I had my baby girl at home in a birthing tub on Feb 3 :o) Such an amazing experience. So wonderful to see your big girls cuddling and hugging her. Such a blessing :o)

  11. Meliss says

    Congratulations on your beautiful addition to your family. Enjoy your time off with your family. Looks like Ginger if very lucky to have 2 great big sisters who love her too!

  12. Kristi B. says

    Congratulations on Ginger’s birth–it sounds beautiful! Thank you for sharing those lovely pictures of all your girls–the happiness shows on their faces. Enjoy your family time!

  13. Anonymous says

    She is so beautiful! Happy to hear Mom and baby Ginger are doing well. The smile on Ashley’s face is priceless – she really loves that new sister. As I have told you before,your children are so blessed to have you and Andy as parents. Congratulations!

    Jenny L.

  14. says

    Baby Ginger is so beautiful and so lucky! She’s part of a lovely and happy and healthy family. What a great start! Enjoy all of your moments Kelly. We’ll still be here when you resurface :) xo

  15. says

    I’m so happy for you! My best wishes and lots of love. I look forward to reading more about your birthing experience and Ginger, Ashley an Zoe. God bless you all :)

  16. says

    Beautiful!!! Ginger has been born into one of the most patient, loving and giving families I know.

    Enjoy your time … I better get working on that guest post :)


  17. says

    Those pictures of Zoe and Ashley holding their baby sister gave me the chills and nearly sent me to tears. So amazingly sweet.

    Congratulations Kelly! What a wonderfully loving family Ginger has!

  18. says

    Congratulations on the beautiful birth of Ginger. So nice that the entire family was around you as you gave birth – what a blessing. Hope you have a smooth and speedy recovery and enjoy your time with your baby.

  19. says

    Kelly, she is just absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful experience for your girls to be a part of their baby sister’s arrival into this world. You know they will never ever forget that. Congratulations to you guys! And we welcome that sweet baby Ginger (loving that name, btw). Oh, and she has a perfect birthday – she shares it with my sister, my mother-in-law, AND my best friend! ;0)
    Hugs to all of you!

  20. Anonymous says

    Love the name Ginger, beautiful family. Many blessings to you and your family. Thanks for sharing such a sweet moment.

  21. Anonymous says

    Of course we are all so very happy for you and your family, Kelly! Thank you for posting the pics of Ginger with her big sisters! All your fans are sharing tears of Joy!!!
    Chrystal in Canada

  22. says

    Huge congrats to you and your familia. She’s a doll. A spicy, delicious doll! So cute.

    I’m glad everyone is enjoying her so thoroughly and I hope you can get help and rest.

  23. says

    Kelly baby Ginger is BEAUTIFUL!! Congratulations on your newest blessing. Enjoy each moment with your sweet baby. They grow up SO fast!

    My biggest regret in life… that I didn’t have more children!
    Blessings, ~Mrs. R

  24. Miss Jem says

    God bless you and your dear family. Congratulations and welcome to the world, baby Ginger!

    I’d love to see more pictures and here about your home birth, if you want to share. I will probably do home births with all/most of my children when I enter the season of marriage and motherhood, so I would love to hear about your experience. Thank you so much for showing off your sweet new daughter!

    Miss Jem

  25. says

    yay!! Ginger is so beautiful. I’m so happy for you, and my boys loved looking at the pics of her. She is so healthy looking! Glad to hear you had a beautiful birthing experience.

  26. says

    Yeah! An adorable birthday twin! My 9YO daughter says she looks like a “Ginger”. So happy for you all. She looks wonderful. Congratulations! Hope you are healing easily and able to enjoy family time.

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