Our Spunky Holiday, Independence Day

I’m sorry I’m late in getting this post up in time for our second Spunky Holiday round-up, Independence Day. A week ago my father-in-law had emergency surgery, and my husband was gone for most of the week, visiting him in the hospital in upstate NY. He’s doing better, but if you would keep him in your prayers for us we would love that.
So I don’t know how many entries we can get on such short notice, but if you’re planning on making something for the 4th of July, please join us :-)
My honey, the designer, and I whipped up this badge, which you can use for your post. The letters change to match the holiday approaching. (I got the idea from Google—Thanks, Google :-) This (at the top) is our Independence Day badge.

Here’s what you do:

1) Grab the current Our Spunky Holiday badge from here (remember it will change for each holiday).
2) Post the badge with your Independence Day recipe on your site, and link to me in the post (I will link back to you when I post the roundup).
3) To participate the recipe must be gluten-free.
4) Email me the link to your post: Kelly(insert @)theSpunkyCoconut.com and I will feature your photo here on Spunky, with a link to your site and recipe. Please title your email to me “Our Spunky Holiday” so I can spot it easily.

For Our Spunky Holiday: Independence Day, I need your entries by June 30th. I’ll post the round-up the following day, July 1st.

If you’re new to the whole gluten-free carnival concept, check out this post to get an idea of how it will appear :-)

Here is my 4th of July entry, Whipped Parfaits. I was going for red, white and blue layers, but didn’t quite get it. I wanted to use frozen organic cherries for the bottom layer, which turned out to be too dark and too pink. If you use the original recipe for strawberry mousse, you can get a truer red color. Also, my blueberries were frozen, so they’re darker too. Fresh blueberries would give you a lighter blue color.

For the mousse and whipped topping recipes click here. Makes 4 pretty whipped parfaits.

♥, Kelly


  1. Carys says

    Hi Kelly, So I think you must have been reading my mind! I’ve been wanting to make that Strawberry Mousse Pie since you originally posted it but haven’t because I haven’t had frozen strawberries. I was toying with the idea of trying it with frozen cherries and lime juice but wasn’t sure if it would set up the same way the strawberries did and I didn’t want to waste the ingredients if it didn’t turn out. Do you think the mousse set up enough to make it as a pie as well as the parfaits? Thanks for your great recipes! I’m looking forward to what people post as part of the round up!

  2. says

    Hi There Kelly,
    Sorry to leave this question in a post, but for some reason I couldn’t find your email…anyway, can you tell me what model dehydrator you use?

    Thank you so much,

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