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Have you ever done anything crazy while you were pregnant? I’m not talking about pregnancy-brain, oh so forgetful. I’m talking about big changes. When I was pregnant with Zoe I sold our first townhouse. Then I sold our second townhouse when I was pregnant with Ashley.

This pregnancy I didn’t sell our house, but I did cut off 10 inches of my hair. I don’t regret doing it—I loved how it looked. The problem was that my hair was growing so fast I needed to get it cut every two weeks. Now, I adore my hairdresser, but a trim every two weeks was more than I could handle. So I’ve been growing it out—no joy.
I’m almost there though. A few more inches and I’ll have the Ashley ‘do :-) We can be twins.
Speaking of Ashley, we did a DMSA challenge a few weeks ago. If you don’t know what a DMSA challenge is, it means we tested her urine before and after chelating (pulling heavy metals and other poisons from her body). Oh my. Before the DMSA there wasn’t much, but after DMSA we got a lot. Her doctor was very excited. Notably we got aluminum, barium and mercury (though not nearly as much mercury as the others—mercury hates to come out), just to name a few.
I didn’t really see a change in Ashley after this challenge until I was gone for a few days at the expo in Chicago. When I came back the improvement in her speech was really noticeable. Woohoo :-) Hopefully we will see progress with other areas of development also, as we continue. I especially pray for the day she is potty-trained.
So we got back last night from vacation at my mom’s, and there is nothing to eat in the house. I’m off to go grocery shopping. But before I leave, here is my 7 months photo, taken yesterday morning, as we were about to leave for the airport. I’ve gained around 20 pounds, which is no fun, but I exercise and I don’t overeat, so what else can you do? :-) It’s still half what I gained with Zoe and Ashley by this point, which I know is thanks to my diet.

♥, Kelly


I’ve been getting lots of emails and comments from you guys, wanting to know more about DMSA, how and why we do it. I’m so glad you want to know more :-)

Click HERE to read the short version our personal story. Note: Unfortunately, OSR is not currently available, which is why we are using DMSA again.

Also, I copied and pasted the other links from that post below:

Helpful links:

Got Questions? VIDEOS with answers here.

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    You’re looking beautiful! Congratulations on NOT selling your townhouse this time around! LOL! Ooh, and I like your hair the length it is now. :)
    I am interested in the DMSA challenge. Why did you choose to do it? Do they suggest the challenge for healthy people only? I did a little research and the possible side effects concern me a little, but I’m so sick I’m wondering if it’s worth asking the doctor about.

  2. says

    You look adorable!

    My friend does mercury testing/treatments for a chiropractor and says that cilantro is great for extracting mercury. You probably know that already, but I thought I’d pass it along, just in case :o)

  3. says

    Hi Kelly! YOu look great. I wanted to stop by and say I finally made the Spunky Coconut Bread from your grain-free cookbook and it is awesome (it’s in my lunchbox post today, though I had to break the slice in half to make it fit). Thank you again for sending me the book and I am SO sorry I took so long to start baking from it. I plan to do a full review soon!

  4. says

    I’m sure you’ve posted all kinds of information about Ashley and why you’d be doing these kinds of tests on her, so I’m not even going to ASK you to explain what all this means.

    I’m new to your site, and I’m very interested in learning more, so would you mind just pointing me to a couple of older posts that might help me understand?

    And, just for the record, not knowing what you looked like with longer hair or during your other pregnancies, or before/after those pregnancies, I will just say that you are positively beautiful, radiant, and healthy in this new photo!



  5. says

    You’re looking great, Kelly! Can’t even tell it’s 20 pounds. That is wonderful about Ashley, too. Amazing how things can improve when we remove those sneaky buggers from our system.

  6. says

    I did just find your “about me” page, and that also showed me a picture of your family and your long hair!

    I love your new ‘do! :)

  7. says

    You look darling and so happy. Its a great picture.

    I just made your chocolate cupcakes this morning for my boy who is 1 today! He is our last of four. Can’t wait to try them. I know the kids will devour them! Enjoy these last few months of pregnancy and put those feet up when you can!

  8. says

    Thanks you guys!!! XOXO

    About Ashley/DMSA: Read under the labels on the right (like where there are labels “cake” and “bread”) that say “recovering Ashley” and/or “my spunky life” :-)

  9. Anonymous says

    Kelly, you look gorgeous! Love the hair & love the belly! Interesting article about the DMSA challenge.
    Best wishes,

  10. says

    You look so beautiful Kelly! I’ll have to look into this DMSA, I would love to try it with my son! And really, with everything that’s in today’s food and our environment and air, I think anyone could use a good detox or two!

  11. says

    You look beautiful, and you don’t look like you’re carrying any fat at all. Oh to have looked so good at 7 months pregnant!

    I know nothing about chelation or heavy metal issues. So, I’ll just stay quiet about that. :)

  12. says

    Love the haircut! I have been growing my hair out for years, b/c my husband loves it, but I swear, when I get pregnant, I’m chopping these locks off!

    Side note: I LOVE your Sunbutter cups recipe! I made them for Easter this year, and they were a huge hit w/ coworkers, husband and ME!!!

  13. says

    You look simply fabulous! Years ago it was referred to as a ‘glow’. I think it’s contentment with body and life that creates the radiant energy that you exzude.
    Your food care, and the healers that you work with, such wonderful success. It’s shows in Ashley’s smile.
    Nasayers create such fear about DSMA, I hope we see your results.
    Happy last two months of pregnancy!

  14. says

    Hi there,
    I’d love to know more about the DMSA challenge – why you choose to do it. I’ve googled it a bit, but am not finding specifics (if you have a good site, can you share it?) My 4 year old son has speech delays and isn’t potty training….your post caught my eye.
    Thanks for your guidance!

  15. says

    You look great, and I’m so happy you are having such a great trip! We are seeing a new doc, and he gave us a hair test to send off for the heavy metals. Do you have any experience with those? I was actually expecting a urine…but this is what we got. Also, we loved your idea for the glass sippy cup and have been turning baby food jars into small ones. I’m having a bit of trouble with the opening in the lid rusting though, did you have this problem? Thanks!!

  16. says

    You may already be aware of this, but in addition to your awesome attack of autism and other health problems through diet, using movement can help as well. I have four kids altogether. My older three kids are on the spectrum, though not officially diagnosed. My middle two- the boys- have always been homeschooled and we have been blessed to have an educational therapist for a grandma. Through her we discovered the concept of neurological reorganization. It is based on the idea that there is a natural progressive hierarchy of development the first year of life. If a crucial stage is skipped or not fully developed than later development can be stalled. The good news though is that it is literally never too late to go back and relay the groundwork for neurological organization- even if the damage came after the first year because of an accident, health issue, or some other cause.
    As this comment is already unbelievably long, I’ll just leave you with these links that you can explore at your leisure, or get in touch with me at I have been using these techniques with my kids and my other students(I give art lessons)for quite a while and we have seen a big difference. More interestingly, I have used the techniques with my toddler since her infancy and her development is moving along perfectly.
    Check out…
    Brain Gym

    Brain Highways
    How Smart is Your Baby

    What to Do About Your Brain Injured Child

    Smart Moves

    Reflexes Learning and Behavior

    That will give you a lot of info to begin with. If you have questions, email me.

  17. says

    Thanks Julie!

    Diane, We do urine and hair tests with Ashley. Sometimes more mercury shows up in the hair than the urine. I think it’s good to do both. And ours hasn’t rusted, but it is very dry here :-)

  18. says

    Hi! My name is Tara and We are using the exact same chelator DMSA lee silsby? We have been using it for 2 months now, but only this month have we actually been doing it the right way…My son is 5, he had vaccine injuries, and we do mostly gaps foods. I love your recipes. I am going to try for my son…Thanks, and Good luck on recovering your daughter, its a journey.

  19. says

    Great news on Ashely! Yes … potty training will be a supreme joy! For us, too : )

    You look gorgeous, gorgeous! Just beaming. Welcome home. We flew in to Ft Collins today. So NICE to be home. Let’s hook up soon.


  20. Anonymous says

    Thank you for sharing recipes and family/pregnancy updates. You have a beautiful radiant glow. By the way, that 20 pounds is for a great cause! The best in fact. I’ll keep praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy. Thanks again!

    Miss Jem

  21. says

    You are simply stunning, my dear! So happy to hear the good news on Ashley, too. :-) I think any time we are making transitions, we want to make additional changes as well. Something about taking control perhaps. 😉 I bet you could learn to cut your own hair and keep it the shorter length, but you are gorgeous with every hair length. :-)


  22. says

    I’m so sorry about your daughter an her struggle with autism. I’m so glad that you have found answers thru DMSA and that it helps. I have Hep C and I have had slow push I.V.’s of Glutathione – it also cleans the heavy metals and any other impurity out of the blood. I had to stop it b’c it would make me grouchy after a while. But I did them for about 6-8 months and now take it in a supplement. I just bought your Coconut cookbook from ’09 as I need gluten/dairy & sugar free recipes. Thanks for writing it.
    God bless you on your pregnancy. :) I gained 50# with each child … :)

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