Chocolate Chip Coconut Pancakes, gluten-free

Today Zoe said that she wanted to make pancakes for breakfast. Okay =) So, I thought we would try a new recipe (because I just can’t help myself 😉 Based on my gluten free crepe recipe, we blended up these coconut chocolate chip pancakes. Now, I have to be honest with you here, and you might find this shocking, but… I usually don’t like coconut pancakes. They tend to taste like coconut and eggs. Of course I love coconut and eggs, but I find coconut pancakes to be coconut and eggs not-in-a-good-way. Unless you’ve tried them yourself, that may not make any sense. Or maybe you totally disagree with me, and you love coconut pancakes, which is fine too. =)

These, however, don’t taste so much like coconut and eggs. I added tapioca flour, quinoa flakes, creamy cashew milk and vanilla, which I think makes a big difference. Plus, the chocolate chips add a great touch. Blueberries would also be delish. And the texture of these pancakes… oh my, it’s amazing. You just have to see for yourself.

Chocolate Chip Coconut Pancakes

gluten free, dairy free

Add to blender:
5 eggs
1/2 cup quinoa flakes OR 1/2 cup Bob’s almond meal flour
1/4 cup arrowroot flour
1/2 cup coconut flour
2 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp sea salt
2 tbsp coconut sugar (which is low glycemic index)
2 tbsp ghee (which is casein-free) or coconut oil
1 cup cashew milk (How to Make Cashew Milk Video)
Optional: 10 drops vanilla liquid stevia
Blend well. Add a little extra quinoa or almond flour if the batter is too thin.
Pour 3 pancakes (about 4 inches each) into large skillet, pre-heated over about medium heat and greased with a tiny bit of coconut oil before pouring.
Spread the batter out slightly with the back of a spoon. (This step may not be necessary for almond flour version.) Add dairy-free chocolate chips to each. (I like these organic 70% chocolate chips.) When they’re ready, flip the pancakes. They don’t need to cook long on the second side.
Makes 9 pancakes about 4 inches wide.
Tip: If you’re making three at a time like me, put a ceramic dish with a lid in your oven on low heat (like 200 degrees) at the same time you start pre-heating your pan. Then, as you make the pancakes, open the oven and put the pancakes in the dish, and cover with the lid. This way the pancakes stay warm until you’re ready to eat.
♥, Kelly


  1. Erin says

    YUM. So excited to make these!! Now my family is going to have to get ready to eat not only new banana bread for breakfast (which i made today!) but these pancakes as well!! You are amazing Kelly, thank you for sharing all your delicious recipes!

  2. says

    These do look Delish and I agree, Coconut pancakes are usually not my fave as they remind me of the texture of cornbread??? Anyways, I’m wondering if these are not really grain free since you added Quinoa flakes? I’ve been looking into the GAPS diet and I know they don’t allow quinoa. Just looking for clarity 😉

    Thanks for the recipe!

  3. Anonymous says

    Erika, I recently read that quinoa is not in GAPS or most Paleo diets because it is a “grain-like seed (Robb Wolf).” I love this recipe but would also like a Quinoa alternative. Even so, I continue to LOVE this blog!!

  4. says

    I’m going to try these, and if they’re a hit, I’ll make a big batch of all the dry stuff so all we have to do for morning pancakes is mix in the wet ingredients.
    I enjoy your blog! Thanks for sharing you successes in the kitchen!
    : )
    PS During GAPS we used Elana’s almond flour pancakes and modified the sweetener to honey and the oil to coconut and skipped the arrowroot – is where I learned about you, Kelly! Love you both!

  5. says

    Erika, you are right. I am a GAPS expert and quinoa is not a recommended food until after 2 years on the diet. It is an ancient seed grain and is not allowed due to being too high in starches. Chocolate/cocoa is allowed at a much more advanced stage too. There are a lot of really good grain-free pancake recipes out there for GAPS! Keep your eye out for them. =)

  6. Sarah says

    Kelly, I’m sorry to say that I don’t usually leave a comment remarking on a yummy recipe, because they are ALL *so yummy* and then I’d be spending all my time leaving comments!! :) But I HAD to write in this time because my whole family is just *so excited* about these pancakes!! We had them for dinner last night and even our picky three year-old gobbled them up!! They actually taste like REAL PANCAKES!! Fluffy & moist & … delicious!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

  7. says

    I can’t wait to try these. My family started out gluten free and had our staple GF pancake mix but *sigh* we had to go dairy free as well and I have yet to find a good pancake recipe that is both gluten fee and dairy free.

  8. says

    I tried these this morning and the taste was great, but my pancakes turned out really thin- they didn’t fluff up at all. I didn’t have coconut sugar, so I used xylitol. Do you think the xylitol would cause them to be flat? Or could it be something else? I believe xylitol has more moisture in it, so that is the only thing I can come up with. Thanks!


    ps. I am thoroughly enjoying your blog… it is wonderful!

  9. says

    Don’t mean to sound clueless, but what are quinoa flakes? I cook with quinoa all the time, but have never heard of flakes. Could you grind them up in a blender or wheat grinder and make the flakes yourself??

  10. Debbie says

    What is a good substitute for Cashew milk? My daughter is allergic to cashews. That and pistachios are the only nuts she’s allergic to.

  11. says

    Shelby, I don’t know. Maybe it was.

    Clairissa, Quinoa flakes are just like instant oats. They don’t taste like quinoa flour at all in my opinion :-)

    Debbie, How about coconut milk?

  12. Jackie says

    Has anyone tried doubling this, I’m wondering if it would still work OK? We have a large family and I have trouble doubling on occassion. Thanks.

  13. says

    So I’ve been loving your blog. My family is gluten, dairy/casein, peanut, tomato and sugar free so I was excited to find recipes that accomodate at least three of those! I made these this morning and they were delicious. Honestly my first bite I was a little taken back by the taste and texture because to say they taste like “real” pancakes would be a joke. But once I had a few bites they really grew on me and my almost 3 year old ate all of them! I had a question…all of the gluten and dairy free chocolate chips I’m aware of have cane sugar in them. How do you feel about that? Because its such a small amount you don’t worry about it? Or do you really limit their use because of the sugar?
    And to the woman asking about an alternative to cashew milk, I used coconut milk and it worked really well.

  14. says

    I made these this morning. I made the almond flour version and substituted coconut milk for cashew milk. My first pancakes turned out flat and egg-like – not fluffy at all. I added just a little baking powder and it made them really fluffy. These are the best gluten-free pancakes I’ve tried to date. My family loves them!

  15. Rachelle Louise says

    Love what you’re doing on the blog here! Just made these pancakes today after wanting to for months! Don’t know what took me so long! I’m trying to avoid gluten as much as I can recipes like this make it so much more enjoyable. We thought they were pretty good this morning, but after I added some baking powder, extra vanilla, and a bit more salt they were even better. I really like the addition of baking powder, lightens and fluffs them up. Thanks for sharing!

  16. says

    You’ve done it again! Best gluten-free pancakes I have come across. I’m with you with respect to the coconut pancake eggy situation. Not these! Wonderful. And the husband approved too. Although he was focused on the chocolate, “Of course they’re good, there are chocolate chips in them.”

  17. says

    thanks for sharing on facebook kelly…i am eager to try these as i too am not fan of the very eggy/coconutty flavored things. I find if i put a couple chocolate chips in anything, my kids go nuts! Do you recommend a chocolate not sweetened w/ cane sugar?

  18. says

    If I wanted to add some pureed pumpkin (I have leftover from making your chai pumpkin bars), what would you substitute? Maybe some of the cashew milk?

  19. says

    The first time I made these, they were flat. The second time I made them, I subbed 1/2 of the almond flour for some of Bob’s All Purpose Gluten-free flour and the batter was super thick. I tried making one pancake and it was THICK! and took forever to cook. So I gradually added some water to thin the batter…I found that there was a fine line for how much liquid to add. Once I added too much, they went from being thick to flat.

    So next time, I will try adding a bit of coconut flour to thicken them up some if I add too much liquid.

    Either way, they are yummy! I’m so happy because I don’t feel guilty giving my daughter pancakes all the time. She’s rather picky and she loves pancakes, but regular flour pancakes have little to no nutrition. These have good stuff! Thanks, Kelly!

  20. says

    I made these this morning. They turned out delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe. I used almond flour instead of the quinoa flakes (as I didn’t have any) and vanilla almond milk instead of the cashew milk (same issue!), and they were still really yummy! I’ll definitely be making these again.

  21. says

    This is my second recipe from your blog– I made the banana bread yesterday (amazing btw). I substituted raw honey for the coconut sugar, and coconut milk for cashew milk. I am not sure what tapioca flour is so I just used cocoa powder instead and they turned out really good! The quinoa flake version was much easier than grinding up almonds for me today. Thanks for sharing your recipes.

  22. deby says

    These look ah-mazing! Thank you SO much for the recipe!

    I don’t have tapioca flour on hand as I have never used it. Can anyone suggest a substitute?

    Many Thanks!

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