Our Spunky Holiday, Easter (gluten-free)

Usually I don’t start thinking about what I’m going to make for the next holiday until a week before it arrives. At that point I go through my favorite recipes and blogs, planning the perfect holiday menu. Yesterday, Zoe looked at the calendar and announced that Easter is in five weeks. It got me wondering what all my friends would make, or rather, what my friends would make that I could use for our Easter :-)

Then I was driving to my midwife appointment (why do most of our best ideas come to us while we’re driving?) and I got this idea: Let’s all share our holiday recipes with each other, and I’ll post a roundup of them here a week before the holiday arrives. This will give us enough time to decide what to make, gather our ingredients, and create our holiday meal. We can all benefit from each other’s holiday recipes. What do you think?
So my honey, the designer, and I whipped up this badge, which you can use for your post. The letters will change to match the holiday approaching. (I got the idea from Google—Thanks, Google :-) This is our Easter badge. Next will be the 4th of July, followed by Thanksgiving, and so on. Want to play?
Here’s what you do:
1) Grab the current Our Spunky Holiday badge from here (remember it will change for each holiday).
2) Post the badge with your holiday recipe on your site, and link to me in the post (I will link back to you when I post the roundup).
3) To participate the recipe must be gluten-free.
4) Email me the link to your post: Kelly(insert @)theSpunkyCoconut.com and I will feature your photo here on Spunky, with a link to your site and recipe.
For Our Spunky Holiday: Easter, I need your entries by April 14, so that I have time to post the roundup a week before Easter.
If you’re new to the whole gluten-free carnival concept, check out this post to get an idea of how it will appear :-)
I think it’s fine if you want to re-post an old recipe from your site for Our Spunky Holiday. Just please don’t enter the same recipe more than once (like the same candy recipe for Easter and Halloween, or the same casserole for Thanksgiving and Christmas).

I will leave you with this photo for inspiration: My Raw Chocolate & Raspberry Candy, which I make for Easter.

I can’t wait to see what candy or main dishes you make for Our Spunky Easter Holiday :-)

♥, Kelly


  1. says

    Ooh!! I want to play, Kelly! ;) I love the idea! What an awesome looking badge. The changing images in the letters is too cool!
    I had just been watching the cooking channel and thinking up what my spring and Easter time recipes were going to be!!

  2. says

    Hey Kelly, LOVE the everchanging badge and the carnival idea! Perfect timing since my mom just sent me home with one of her ceramic Easter trees to dress up my support group’s table at the Women’s Forum tomorrow. Who can pass up oohing and ahhing over an Easter tree and flourless cookies, huh? The double whammy. LOL I’ll join in for sure!

    Oh, and yes, it’s amazing what one thinks of in the car. We all need those little recorders to capture all those great ideas. ;-)


  3. says

    Hi Kelly! Great idea. I wanted to say this before, all my good vibes for you and your baby. Also, great that you are getting care from a midwife. I look forward to keep reading about your pregnancy!!

  4. says

    Sounds like fun! Can’t wait to participate! I just asked the Husband what his favorite Easter dish was. He said, “Chocolate with peanut butter.” Apparently, he will be NO help on this round up!

  5. says

    I don’t know if I will get anything posted to contribute to this, but I love the idea and will certainly enjoy the roundup.

    You look great!

  6. says

    This sounds like so much fun! I absolutely want to join in. I’m always inspired by all the varied diets – can’t wait for this roundup! :)
    Thanks for pulling this together!!

    ps – my best thoughts come during my workouts or in the car, so I keep my phone nearby to record the ideas; listen & take notes later (or else they are lost forever!)


  7. says

    This is such an awesome idea! I have been on a (almost) gluten-free diet for about 2 years, but I have been depriving myself of delightful treats for the first year, because I didn’t know how to go gluten-free.

    A collection of gluten-free easter recipes will certainly help those who are on such a diet:) I’m excited to join in…oh but that means I have 3 days left for it . Yikes !

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