DIY Glass Sippy Cup

GlassSippyCupCheck out my new invention. Kelly has mentioned that we reuse glass jars for food storage. St. Dalfour jam jars are particularly suited for little kids’ hands. Well, this morning we had a little accident where Ashley dropped the jar and her blueberry smoothie splashed everywhere.

To prevent this from happening again I turned the jar into a sippy cup. It just so happens that I own a special hole punch (in the photo above). You can buy these at arts and crafts stores. It’s intended purpose is to punch through multiple pages of a homemade book, but it works equally well with this thin metal cap. The tool is used by hammering the back end like a chisel. I placed the lid on a block of wood, making sure to punch on the top side of the cap (so the sharp edge of metal is pushed inside away from the drinker). And voila! A glass sippy cup. We got the cool stainless steel straws on amazon.



  1. says

    Very cool!! I’ve had the same problem… The kids love the St Dalfour jars, but it can be pretty messy… We’ll have to try this! Thanks for sharing…
    Jeanne Marie

  2. Anonymous says

    I’m concerned about metals in general for my son. I noticed you are using a stainless steel straw and seem ok with the punched in metal jar cap that will most likely make contact with the contents. I was told not to use stainless steel due to nickel leaching into foods…what are your thoughts on this?

  3. says

    My naturopath told me that stainless releases nickel when you bang against it. For example she said never to use a stainless spatula on my stainless pans, because the tapping or scratching of the stainless on stainless would release the nickel. But I understand your concern. You could make a larger hole and use a glass straw (sold on amazon too), then you would know for sure you weren’t getting any nickel :-)

  4. Charlotte Moore says

    I have never heard about the stainless releasing nickel. So, does it do that if you use a stainless wire whip to beat up eggs, etc.? My family never had any health issues with gluten or foods so I am not familiar with a lot of this. I am curious though.

  5. says

    I’ll second that Brilliant! What a great way to teach a child that we have all the things we need in this world. and that we have them safely.
    Got to admit, I would probably add a big rubber band on the outside just for a grip but love this!

  6. says

    Hi, I read that when buying stainless steel pans,pots etc. to test them with a weak little refrigerator magnet. if the magnet sticks to the item well it has less nickel in it and more stainless steel and if it doesn’t stick to the item it has more nickel in it. I have tried this and it works. I was surprised to find that some of my nicer more expensive pots & pans had more nickel in them, than some of my older cheaper pots & pans. I guess more expensive does not always mean better or safer for that matter.

  7. Kelli says

    I got a Pilates Style newsletter in my inbox today, and it has your Rasberry and Almond Yogurt recipe with a picture of your family!

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