Dairy free Yogurt #3, Raspberry & Almond flavor

dairyfreeyogurt_3Last week a friend of mine came to visit. So exciting. I wanted to make us some dairy free yogurt, but I decided to try a new flavor, based on my best dairy free yogurt recipe. Thinking she might be hungry after flying in, I brought her a jar to try on the drive home from the airport. She loved it =) All of us did. I hope you love it too.

Dairy-Free Yogurt #3: Raspberry & Almond Flavor

dairy-free, soy-free, refined sugar-free

Add to pot:
4 cups cashew milk (How to Make Cashew Milk Video)
2 cups water that has been blended with 1 tbsp almond butter
1 tbsp honey or coconut sugar
1/8 to 1/4 tsp chocolate raspberry liquid stevia (to your taste)
Bring to simmer. Watch carefully so it doesn’t boil over.

Reduce heat to low, whisk and simmer for about 4 minutes. Turn off the heat.

Whisk in:
1 tbsp plus 1 tsp Gelatin (OR 1.5 tsp agar powder ) that has been dissolved into 1/2 cup boiling water.

Pour the liquids into a bowl and put that bowl into a larger one of cold (but not iced) tap water.
(Note: Omit this step if using agar powder, and let it cool down on it’s own so the agar powder doesn’t get lumpy) Whisking also helps it cool down faster.

When you have reached about 92°F add:
The contents of about 9 probiotic capsules.
Whisk them in well. (I use Solaray Multidophilus, 3 Billion, non-dairy) Or 25 to 30 billion of any dairy-free probiotic.

Pour into jars and keep warm for about 15 hours. I use my yogurt maker, but I love the suggestion of using a cooler with containers of hot water around the yogurt jars. If there is a clear pool at the bottom, secure the lids tightly and shake the yogurt to mix it in before refrigerating. (Note: For agar option shaking isn’t necessary)

Refrigerate for 8 hours.

My girls like to put their yogurt in a small dish and top it with a little raspberry jam. I use Crofter’s Just Fruit Spread, but St. Dalfour is another one with no added sugar.

♥, Kelly

Also check out my other two recipes: Dairy Free Yogurt #1 (using cashew milk) and Dairy Free Yogurt #2 (coconut milk yogurt)


  1. says

    this sounds sooo yummy. I’m hoping to make some of this in the future. I think Cherry Vanilla would be a great combo too! Slowly but surely we are going gluten, dairy and refined sugar free!!! Thanks for your blog Kelly! It has helped in so many ways!!!


  2. Tara says

    I’ve been making your yogurt recipe with coconut and cashew milks, and we really like it. I just made some almond milk today and now saw this latest recipe, and I’m wondering if almond milk would work. I know you mentioned previously that the amount of agar has to be adjusted if using more coconut milk, so I wondered if you have any advice for subbing almond milk (either all almond milk, or almond combined with coconut). Also, I noticed that now you recommend 15 hours instead of 10. I’ve been letting mine go between 9 and 10; would this new recipe still turn out okay with that shorter time?

  3. says

    Thanks Ann & Ali =)

    Tara, I just wanted it more sour. You can leave it for less time. I would taste it after 10 hours and see. As for the amount of agar/gelatin—it’s a little tricky. Sometimes my batch is thicker than others. If you have an amount that’s working for you I would stick with it =)

  4. says

    That is one lucky friend! Of course, she makes a mean green smoothie to reciprocate :)

    Amazing recipe Kelly. I’m in awe of all of the stevia flavors – so far I’ve only had vanilla!

  5. says

    I love making homemade yogurt! I usually use a yogurt “starter” … as in a tablespoon of plain dairy-free yogurt (tried coconut tonight) per 8oz cup. Leaving the jars in a pot of 100F water placed in the oven overnight usually does the trick, but without agar it isn’t the thickest yogurt.

  6. says

    Oh wow! Kelly this sounds amazing. What a neat flavor combo. I am totally going to make this before the weekend. We are headed up to hike around the Grand Canyon and this would be such a perfect treat for the car ride, especially mixed some granola!! YUM!

  7. Rebecca Magliozzi says

    I want to make this but am allergic to sulfites, which are in gelatin. Can I use tapioca starch to thicken it?

  8. says

    WOWWW!! I have been looking for something like this for a while now! This is exciting! I wondered if you could make yogurt from nut milk! I have a question though, where do you find the probiotic pills and does it work without them??

  9. says

    Thanks guys!

    Shelly, I think you use twice as much flakes as powder, but I’m not sure.

    Rebecca, You can use agar powder. Dissolve it in boiling water (about 2 tsp) and follow the instructions in the recipe :-)

    Claire, I get probiotics at the health food store, open them, and pour them in. You can try yogurt starter instead, but I don’t know how to do it that way.

  10. says

    Hello! I love your site! THank you so much for all of your recipes. I plan on buying your cook book as well! Just wondering if the probiotic capsules are safe for toddlers. My son is 20 months. Or should I get the childrens version?? Thanks for taking the time to read this. Leigha

  11. says

    Hi again!

    Wondering if it is ok for my son to eat this yogurt?? I would thinks so because all yogurt has probiotics..but just thought I would ask.

    Also, What temp do you put your yogurt maker at??


  12. says

    Hi Leigha, I think probiotics are great for toddlers children :-) Also, my yogurt maker doesn’t have a temperature setting. It just lets you choose how many hours, then it shuts itself off.

  13. Anonymous says

    I’m so thrilled to see this dairy free yogurt recipe! I have the multidophulis 12 strain which is 25 billion, do I still need to use the full 9 capsules?

  14. says

    I just tried this recipe. I used my probiotic and learned a valuable lesson. Don’t use one with Saccharomyces Boulardii. I forgot it’s a benificial yeast. My yougurt turned out runny and it tastes and smells like bread. I will have to try this again with a different probiotic. I thought I would share my mistake.

  15. Arlee says

    I followed the recipe and it looks like my yogurt didn’t turn out =( It was not thick at all and no clear liquid was at the bottom. Any suggestions as to what I did wrong? I used a probiotic that was 12 billion so I did 3 caps of that. Was it the type of probiotic? I just put it in the fridge and hope it thickens,

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