Cinnamon & Sugar Quinoa Flake Porridge & Pregnancy Stuff

hotquinoacerealPeople often tell me in private, either though emails or when I meet them face to face, that they know I don’t like talking about autism or biomedical treatments much, but they would really love to hear more. I always assure them that I really don’t mind talking about it, I just have to keep it in balance with everything else in my life. And I’m done watching and reading anything fear-based, like “the other side” of the vaccine debate (pro-vaccine)—so don’t bother sending it to me ;-) I know what they say, and no amount of biased garbage is going to convince me otherwise.
For instance, I was up in Loveland last week and I bumped into someone (well, not literally :-) who knew my blog. She apologized, but said she really wanted to ask me how I had the courage to have another baby. I wondered if there are more of you who are asking yourselves the same question. Let me explain.
When Ashley was having her most severe period my husband and I decided we couldn’t have any more children, like we had planned. At that point it wasn’t so much of a worry that it would “happen again”—that we would have another child with autism. We were just franticly working around the clock with Ashley.
But eventually I did come to fear that if we had another baby, they may have problems like Ashley. And eventually, after we began chelation (removing poison), Ashley improved dramatically. You can read more about all that here.
Then a good friend of mine came to visit last summer. We took our kids to the park, where she asked me if Andy and I were going to have any more children. I said no, and admitted my fears to her. Her response really hit me. She said that we’re all predisposed to probably lots of potential problems. It’s really a matter of whether or not those things are triggered.
I thought about that deeply. For all I know, Zoe is also predisposed to autism, but for her it wasn’t triggered. In my family’s history are heart conditions, diabetes, depression, cancer, and more. I could be predisposed to many things myself.
But still, after that day at the park with my friend, I didn’t think of having more children again.
fourmonthsThen in November I thought I was pregnant. Oops. Only I didn’t feel panic. I didn’t get scared. I was giddy. Andy was giddy. We couldn’t stop smiling. But a few days later we were wrong. I wasn’t pregnant. We were so disappointed.
After a lot of thought, and talking about it, we decided to just see. I didn’t have the easiest time getting pregnant with Zoe and Ashley, especially considering how young I was (I was 24 when I had Zoe). It took over six months before I was pregnant with Zoe and Ashley. Andy and I thought that if I got pregnant this past December, that it would be meant to be.
Two weeks later I was pregnant.
We thought it was a good sign :-) Almost ten years after having our first, we were pregnant with our third, and it didn’t take six months this time. Isn’t it usually the other way around?
But there were some other things I considered, before deciding to “just see.” Of course I was thinking about what my friend had said—that just because we may be predisposed doesn’t mean it will be triggered. Also, I’ve been eating gluten-free for many years now, which is very important for a celiac’s fertility. And, I’ve done detoxification of my own over the past couple years. I did a cleanse two years in a row, followed by a colonic. Plus, I finally got rid of my candida as a result of my diet and cleansing. (Phew.) I avoid toxins, eat organic as much as possible, and haven’t had any mercury fillings put in or removed. And I won’t have my last two mercury fillings replaced until after the baby has weaned.
Still, there are no guarantees. And that’s okay. We try to lead a guided life, and we feel like this baby was meant to be :-) It was blind faith that led us to Colorado with no jobs and no money, and our lives have been blessed ever since.
And now that I’ve been so serious, I’ll leave you with something light—my favorite breakfast lately, quinoa flake porridge, and a photo of the girls and I in their room this morning. Four months pregnant :-) I thought I would share a photo with you at the beginning of every month, so you can share in our excitement.

Cinnamon & Sugar Quinoa Flake Porridge

grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free
Add to pot:
3 cups cashew milk (cashew milk video)
1 cup coconut milk
Bring to simmer.
1 & 1/4 cups quinoa flakes
Reduce heat to low and stir until thickened (one or two minutes).
3 tsp cinnamon
1/4 cup coconut sugar (which is low glycemic index)
1/4 tsp sea salt
Optional toppings:
Toasted shredded coconut, raisins, cooked apples, sliced bananas, walnuts.
Makes about 4 servings.
♥, Kelly


  1. says

    You and the girls look so radiant and beautiful! Thanks for sharing this, Kelly. I think your approach is really inspiring and admirable – I think that people live too much in fear, allow it to cloud their ability to listen to their own intuition. It seems, from my perspective as a regular reader, that you and your husband have done an INCREDIBLE job supporting your two children, and the approach you have taken to improving their ability to grow and function well seems absolutely amazing. If you have another child with autism, you will know what you need to do to create an environment that can be nourishing and supportive to their needs. Every child should be so fortunate, no matter their developmental/psychological/physical/etc situation. Thanks for sharing a piece of yourself and for sharing your journey – it is inspiring in more ways than you could ever know. xo

  2. says

    What a great way to look at it as well as a yummy recipe. Thanks you for all your hard work and sharing what you have learned along the way with us.

  3. says

    Great post! My first child has autism, we have since had 2 more. There was a lot of fear, but I just new our family was meant to be bigger.
    Younger 2 are both NT, and doing great. I also get asked that question..

    I always wanted 4 or 5 kids(coming from a large family) but at 3 we are feeling settled and like our hands are full. There was some greif with making this decision, but at a place where we feel at peace and whole and complete now. My little suckypoo Grady was MEANT to be the baby of the family :)

    and really I love babies! I could likely be a Douger! and have 19, not sure I would ever feel*done*

    There are no guarantees, except the love we have for our kids no matter what!

  4. says

    Thank you for this. I needed it today. After yesterday reality set in. We could be in for something big … or not. Very overwhelming. Thank you for your strength, honesty and transparency…and porridge :)
    Ps. you look so radiant!

  5. says

    What a wonderful and beautifully written post. Thank you so much for sharing. I am very excited for you and your family as you embark on this new journey! :)

  6. Mercedes says

    Thanks for sharing such candid and person thoughts. I love hearing about autism recovery stories and am happy to hear that Ashley is doing so well. After about a year of dabbling with a gf/cf diet, I committed about a month ago. I’ve been dealing with chronic and severe eczema that came on out of the blue about 2 years ago. My guess is that I have candida overgrowth, but haven’t been able to find a doctor willing to explore this with me. Do you have any advice? Any testing recommendations? Thanks!

  7. says

    I’m really happy for you! I hope my question was not upsetting. I definitely didn’t mean it disrespectfully, just as a fellow mother of a daughter who has had similar issues. I think it says a lot more about my own fears than anything else. I am impressed and I think it’ll be wonderful for you.

    I think I beat myself up a lot, especially, because I didn’t vaccinate, breastfed for more than two years, have never been vaccinated myself, etc…and I still had a daughter with issues and I think this triggered a LOT of insecurity in me.

    I think your approach and spontaneity is excellent. I wish the best for you and your family.


  8. says

    Hannah, Not upsetting at all! I understand how you feel. For years I was planning on not having another because I was afraid. And like I told you, not all of Ashley’s heavy metals came from vaccines (though most of them did). She has lead poisoning in addition to mercury and aluminum, and lead isn’t in vaccines. She is so blessed to have a mama like you :-) Lets see each other again soon. XOXO

  9. says

    Kelly, you look absolutely gorgeous and your story is beautiful. Somehow we all know what is right for us and when we do, it happens. Love that recipe. Not sure which milk I’ll use. No dairy, cashews, or almonds for me right now.


  10. says

    Good, I’m glad you weren’t too upset. I know this is not an easy topic. I appreciate your viewpoint and the great information you share with all of us. It’s nice to know someone who has dealt with some rough stuff and believes in herself enough to move forward. These things can be quite isolating…it’s good to realize there are always people out there that are like-minded.

    Happy fourth pregnancy month!

  11. says

    Oops…I totally posted a comment with the wrong account. Oh well. :) I have a tarot blog that I’m sure most people probably wouldn’t care about. Lol!

  12. Laura says

    Thanks for such a candid post! I’ve been reading your blog for a while and it is always inspiring to hear someone speak from the heart. I beleive that God gives us the child he has intended for us, in the situation we are in. Whatever health concerns (or not) that your baby might have,you will be the very best momma for your baby in the whole world. God has chosen this baby for you. Perhaps prior learning experiences with your two girls will help, and perhaps not, but one thing is for sure–No one will be better equipted to raise your prescious baby than you! :-)

    Also, I have battled with candida way too long and it has dramatically affected my health. I saw your comment to Mercedes, but if you could do a post on how you eradicated (or controlled) candida, I would be very grateful.

    ps- your are definitely getting that wonderful pregancy glow!

  13. says

    I have read your blog for a while, but rarely comment. I just had to say that your friend at the park is so right that we are all predisposed to something. We found out a year ago that our youngest has Celiac. Then we found out I gave it to her. So we had our other two older children tested for the genes. Both carry Celiac and gluten sensitive genes but neither one is a Celiac (yet!). We are ALL gluten free because why take the chance that we can ‘turn on’ the gene?! I LOVE hearing stories like yours. When the parent is PROACTIVE in changing their children’s lives!! On a side note: You are positively glowing!!

  14. says

    Kelly, your baby bump is so gorgeous! And I love your ‘do. I wish we saw more of each other. Your post made me all teary in a warm fuzzy sentimental way.

    BTW…did I tell you that I am making your pumpkin muffins for my department at DMNS tomorrow? I took one in for them to sample to see if they liked it and everyone LOVED them. :D

  15. Barbara B. says

    Fantastic photo and fantastic blog on God’s amazing grace! Thank you for the encouragement.

    Awesome recipe, to boot! Looking forward to trying it SOON! I KNOW my kids will love it.

  16. says

    I know in the past I have asked you a lot of questions concerning going gluten, dairy and sugar free…I guess what I need the most help with is how did you “start” to go this way? Did you just start to weed it out slowly or start cold turkey? I have implemented a lot of what you have taught us on your blog but I am having a hard time with the transition as to me things like coconut milk and stevia do not taste very good to me…maybe you can give some pointers on how to go this way…btw this recipe looks AMAZING!
    Thanks for all your help! It means a lot to a girl who has struggled since she was 13 (will be 31 this month) on hormone imbalance, irregular periods, pcos, and “unexplained” weight gain (which as I research this I find WHY it is happening)…

    Ann Marie

  17. says

    Hey Kelly,
    Both of my sons are on the spectrum. I’ve been really scared to try chelation…we’re GFCF and done other biomedical things, but chelation makes me really nervous. Any words of advice on this point?

  18. says

    Ann Marie, We found out that Zoe and Ashley were reacting to gluten first, then Andy and I were diagnosed after them. We went cold turkey. It wasn’t so easy back then. It’s so much better now :-)

    Angela, Have you done a porphyrin test for them? I would have your DAN get you one (they’re just urine, nothing invasive). Then you will know if you need to chelate. And there are some natural chelators you can try first, like IMD.

  19. says

    Beautiful post, Kelly. Your approach to pregnancy is admirable, and seems to me the fact you and your hubby were happy when you first thought you were pregnant (and then disappointed when you weren’t) is very telling. You seem like such a great mom–just look at your two girls!–I think this is going to be one lucky baby. And your little bump is so cute!

    I love porridge in the morning–will give this one a try. :)

  20. says

    Hi Kelly,

    I would second Laura’s comment. I am interested in knowing how you got rid of your candida and how long did it take? I didn’t do a test but I was told based on my symptoms in June that I had a candida overgrowth. I would appreciate any advice you have after winning your battle with candida. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

  21. Anonymous says

    Beautifully written. You look radiant. I love that you are embracing life– we should all take your lesson and be doing that and leaving our fears behind. -Tessa Sansovich

  22. says

    Kelly – you look radiant! Sounds like everything is working out just as it was always meant to. I am sure you will have an amazingly healthy baby with everything you do for yourself. The quinoa flake porridge sounds divine, mmmm! -A :)

  23. Anonymous says

    Thanks for sharing Kelly! This baby is a blessing and meant to be! So excited for you guys!

    Cari in Iowa

  24. says

    Kelly –
    Thank you so much for such a heartfelt post! It is wonderful to read about your experience, and so great that you are able to share this with others. I feel honored to be able to read your story, and inspired to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle for when we start having children of our own.
    Thank you –

  25. says

    I agree, I’d love to hear more about your experiences with candida. It’s a battling I’m just starting, and really struggling with, so hearing about your success would be very inspiring!

  26. says

    Hi Kelly! I’ve been enjoying your blog and recipes for about a month now. I have been having a lot of fun trying out your recipes and also using them as inspiration for some of my own gluten free, sugar free, dairy free recipes, as I am also trying to eliminate my own problem with candida.Out of curiosity, what cleanses did you say you have done in the past? I have been doing Dr. Natura’s colon cleanse for about one month now and trying to follow a strict anti-candida diet (coffee and wine are a little hard for me to give up I admit), but I would like to try another type of cleanse in the future to really help eliminate the candida and cleanse my blood and organs once and for all. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your awesome blog and congrats on your pregnancy! God Bless.

  27. Kat says

    LOVE your blog and recipes! We too have children that are GC/CF so your recipes are VERY helpful! 2 of my 3 have autism and we’re expceting #4 in May. I understand your fear and my heart sank when we found out this one is a boy (my oldes is a boy and has autism, my youngest is a girl and also has autism…our middle child is normal) Somehow, the thought of it happening again, is very real. Best wishes on your pregnancy and keep up the wonderful blog!!! It’s a lifesaver! :)

  28. says

    This is a pretty nice blog. And I’ve brought it to the attention of my daughter. I’m hoping that she’ll get time to read it some day.
    I’ve been reading your blog off and on for a couple of months now. And have learned quite a bit – not only about my sons autism, but my own as well. I didn’t find out about my autism until I was probably in my late 20’s, and found that I was celiac (and had been most likely since childhood) until my early 40’s. Now… I never really thought that there was anything wrong with the autism. In fact I still don’t, really. I laugh when people ask me if I feel badly for it (I rather like it, you see). But due to your blogsite, and several others, I’ve been looking into the effects of diet on neurological disorders. And I’ve noticed that since I’ve cut way down on the dairy, and taken corn out of my diet, the symptoms from celiac, autism, and ms have reduced greatly.
    Thanks for the information. And the recipes.

  29. says

    You are so darling! Can I say that? Lovely family picture.

    I too can identify with concerns over a second child. With our first she had severe allergic colitis and I had to stop eating all allergens etc. in order to breastfeed her. It was such a stressful period that sometimes I think I’d be crazy to try to go through it again. And yet… in the end, my daughter was fine, and it all worked out. She may develop Celiac one day, and she may not… but the world is so wonderful with her in it. Some day I hope to have the courage to have another one…

    Many blessings to you in your pregnancy. I wish you the very best and happiest of pregnancies, and a beautiful healthy baby.

    This quinoa sounds lovely. I see cashew milk in my future!!!


  30. says

    Hey guys,

    More specifically how I got rid of candida:

    I went gluten, casein, and sugar free—not for candida, but for other reasons. I was doing that for a couple years first.

    Then I decided to do follow The Raw Food Detox Diet. I did that for a couple months, then had a colonic. Eventually I stopped eating that way, and went back to my regular gf/cf/sf diet.

    About a year and a half ago I began taking supplements like Biociden, and Monolaurin. I did that for a few months, then went on the Master Cleanse. At the end of the cleanse I had another colonic, and I haven’t had the symptoms ever since.

    I hesitated to tell you because this particular cleanse is controversial, but you asked what I did, and I want to be honest with you. I think I only did it for about 4 days though, and I didn’t follow it the way you’re supposed to. I ate a raw dinner every night, like from The Raw Food Detox Diet.

    This entire time (for years) I’ve also been taking probiotics, rotating brands every few months. One that we love is Klaire Labs. Also, as you know I’ve been making my own yogurt for a while now. That reminds me I need to make some this weekend :-)

    Love, Kelly

  31. says

    One more thing! Just wanted to clarify that I WAS gluten free this whole time. I didn’t eat gluten while I was on the Raw Foods Detox Diet. :-)

  32. says

    Hi Kelly,
    Thank you for so honestly sharing your wealth of knowledge with us-I learn so much visiting your blog.

    Aren’t quinoa flakes the best? I must try this porridge:) I’ve been making a lot of grain-free fruit crumbles for dessert lately, using quinoa flakes and either almond or hazelnut flours.

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful picture, too-congratulations & wishing you great health! Kate.

  33. Laura says

    Thanks, Kelly, for the info on how you got rid of your candida. I was a little stumped tho when you said
    “I hesitated to tell you because this particular cleanse is controversial, but you asked what I did, and I want to be honest with you.”
    What cleanse were you talking about? The Raw Food Detox Diet or the colonic? This is all new to me. Also, after you did your program, can you enjoy fruit and other things with sugar now, within reason?

  34. Katrina (and Marissa) says

    Kelly you are GORGEOUS and are the cutest little pregnant mom ever!! It is hard to believe that people say the things they do sometimes, but I am so glad that your friend shared her perspective about the potential for us ALL to have various problems! It is so true!

    Our little one’s medical problems could happen to us with another baby…but we know now that we started her off “on the wrong foot.” We had all our old, unhealthy habits. But truly, even if we had another baby with all of her problems (God forbid), it would mean another little one with all the love and wisdom and joy that our Sophia has, too!

    Think of all the amazing changes you have made! You are an incredible mom and your girls will make the most amazing big sisters ever! I am so happy for you guys!!

    You have been such an inspiration to our formerly-junk fed family! I can’t wait until things turn around for us and I can buy 20+ copies of your newest amazing cookbook for friends who desperately need it..whether they know it yet or not! ha! :-)

    We love you!! Praying for an easy and enjoyable pregnancy!! Treasure every second!! Pregnancy is such an incredible journey!!

  35. says

    Thanks guys!

    Laura, I was referring to The Master Cleanse as controversial.

    Katrina, No one said anything bad :-) People, including myself, can just be afraid sometimes, and they sometimes ask me how I have courage :-) I love you guys too! XOXO

    I also wanted to respond to Rhonda (Metal Walflower). Rhonda, Thank you for sharing with us :-) We love Ashley to pieces, and I wanted to clarify that the treatments we do for her are for her health and wellness. If you read my posts about “recovering Ashley” you will see that Ashley used to scream all day and bang her head on the wall and floor. She also suffered from constant diarrhea, severe anxiety, and painful sensory processing issues. She was not a happy girl. There is a great article about the kids now days with “autism” that you might like to read: There is no Autism Epidemic Much love, Kelly

  36. says

    As the mama of a spectrum kid, I applaud you for having a third baby. The difference between this pregnancy and thereafter, and your experience with Ashley is that your eyes are open.

    You know the truth of vaccine burden and gut/brain connections.

    You know the DAN! protocol, biomed, and healing through diet.

    Your body is healthier because of this, and you will not be unloading those toxins to your new child during gestation.

    I wish the best for you and your family. Your blog has been and continues to be a tremendous help to my family when I began GFCF with my son.

  37. marcie b. says

    Kelly, i just saw your baby bump, and it made me tear up a little. I’m so happy for you, and I love you guys!!!!

  38. says

    I so agree with your friend’s comment about tendencies being there for everyone. My oldest has autism and our second child, though he has some minor sensory issues, has not developed any “spectrum diagnosable” issues. We haven’t done everything perfectly, but our second has had much fewer of the triggers than our firstborn did.

    I have been blessed by a number of your recipes passed onto me by friends, and now by your commentary on your life. Thanks for sharing!

    In return, you might be interested in my post on special needs children:

    as well as a great recipe:

    I hope you enjoy them both!

  39. Susan M says

    Hey Kelly!
    Thanks for the great post :-) My 4yo son, Caleb, has an autism diagnosis and I have also been asked the same question….more times I have been given the “look” by others. We have a 2yo daughter who I know was created by God specifically to be his little bossy, fiesty sister and we are due with our 3rd child in May. This baby was a complete surprise as we tried for over 3 years to have Caleb and about 5 months to have Chloe. I love it when people have the courage or feel comfortable enough to ask me how we find peace in having a third child. It allows me to share our real story not just the noise and propaganda they only hear in the news. I hope it also gives hope and insight to others as I share how far Caleb has come through diet and nutrition, biomedical and homeopathy and the carefully selected therapies we utilize. No longer is autism a dead end for the child and the family!
    Congrats again and I look forward to following your pregnancy :-)

    God bless!

  40. says

    Great post…thanks for sharing!! I also would like to know how you overcame candida, since I suffer from it as well. Good luck with your pregnancy!

  41. says

    Thank you!!! I love to see your posts everyday, and it encourages me with the issues that we face with both of our sons. You are such a blessing!

  42. says

    Kelly, I love this post. It’s such a journey, isn’t it? I’m glad you’ve found your peace and won’t allow the fear-based dogma to come across to you. Might just be coincidence, but perhaps your peace and health was the reason you were blessed so quickly with the third. You are positively glowing. And this porridge sounds delightful – I love quinoa.

  43. says

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! What a blessing and an inheritance from the Lord. I “thought” you looked pregnant in the smoothie video, but in case it was weight gain and not a baby I didn’t want to say anything until I was sure. Well this post confirms it! Again I say CONGRATULATIONS!

    I have quinoa flakes and wondered what in the world to do with them… know I know! This will be breakfast tomorrow morning.
    ~Mrs. R

  44. says

    I know its good to soak nuts and grains, but does one need to soak quinoa flakes? I know its good to rinse regular quinoa to get rid of the saponin, but the flakes are pre-rinsed from what I gather. But what about soaking to get rid of the acids and whatever else one soaks grains to get rid of??

  45. Molly says

    Thank you so much for sharing your struggles, your thoughts, and yours and your beautiful children lives with us. It is so nice knowing that their are other mom’s out their who have been through the struggles and daily life of children with special needs. My little one is almost two and has many special needs and challenges. She was changed to a very restricted diet had stop eating until the nutritionist at Natural Grocers told me about you and your blog. It has truly been a saving grace. Reading your blogs are so inspirational and you are such a great mom your family is so lucky to have you. Thank you again for your time and dedication to your blog it has been so helpful!

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