Gluten Free Tortillas

For quite a while now I have been wishing for a flexible tortilla / wrap. I don’t eat corn often, but I called a couple of soft corn tortilla companies and asked if their corn was genetically modified. Neither called me back…
Here’s what I think: If you buy something made with corn, and the package doesn’t say “Non-GMO,” then I would guess it is genetically modified corn.
I know there is one organic sprouted corn tortilla pack, which you can buy, but they just aren’t soft and flexible enough for me. Then, the other day I came across Lauren’s recipe. I got so excited. But I decided to try my gluten free tortillas with chia meal, and without any gum. I ended up changing the recipe considerably. I’m so happy with how they came out, I can hardly stand it :-)

Gluten-free Tortillas

grain-free, egg-free
Add to bowl:
1/4 cup + 2 tbsp Chia Seed meal **please see note below the recipe
Create the chia seed meal by using a Magic Bullet or coffee grinder. 
1 and 1/4  cups + 2 tablespoons almond meal flour (I use Bob’s)
2 tbsp arrowroot powder (tapioca would probably work also)
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
Optional: herbs and spices (I used 1/2 tsp each of onion and garlic powder)
Whisk dry ingredients together.
1 tsp extra virgin olive oil
2 tsp apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup milk substitute (I used Cashew Milk)
3/4 cup very warm water
Mix with handheld mixer. Push into one mass and let rest for about one minute. It will be very sticky—that’s how it’s supposed to be.
Using a Spoonula, separate the dough into two. Then push the halves apart, and separate one half into three, like the photo above. (After using these three, separate the other half into three also.) OR make four balls for four large tortillas.
Place one ball on top of a piece of unbleached parchment paper.
Lay another piece of unbleached parchment paper on top. Flatten the ball with your hand. Do not remove the top piece of paper.
Roll the dough out to 6.5 inches wide if you’re making 6 small tortillas, OR 8 inches wide if you’re making 4 large tortillas, so that it looks like this:
These (above) are uncooked. Fit two, side by side, on your cookie sheet, keeping the top paper on. Do not try to remove the paper. Bake the wrap as it is, sandwiched between the two pieces of paper.
Bake at 375 degrees for about 7 minutes for small tortillas or 8 minutes for large tortillas.
Let them cool on a wire rack.
Makes 6 small tortillas or 4 large tortillas.
If you don’t need to bake them all right away, simply store them in the fridge like this (rolled out between the two pieces of paper).
Wrap them in parchment paper to pack for lunches.
**I know a lot of you will ask if you can substitute flax meal for the chia meal. But as you expert egg-replacers know, you need twice as much flax meal as chia meal. This means that to make these six wraps you would need 3/4 cup flax meal. I haven’t tested it myself, so I don’t know if it would even work.
For more on why chia rocks, see my friend Lexie’s post here.
♥, Kelly


  1. says

    I cannot WAIT to try this!!! Wednesday, my Azure order will be here, with the final ingredient :) Thanks!!! This is something I really miss from my glutinous day.s

  2. says

    These tortilla wraps look perfect!
    My husband just decided to go gluten-free last week, and he is missing his sandwhich and wrap lunches.

    I have been gluten free for over 4 years, but don’t miss the bread anymore.

    These will be perfect for my husband’s lunches.
    Thank you!

  3. Saskia Lytle-Vieira says

    Thanks Kelly, I love love love the fact that you put so much effort into all your recipes and make life so much better for those of us out there without your patience, creativity, or skill. A million thanks! As an aside, as a physician, my understanding of flax is that it helps (among other things) increase the levels of “good” estrogen in the blood (2 hydroxyestrone (2-OHE1). Normal values of 2 OHE-1 is indicative of beneficial estrogen metabolism, and is associated with reduced risk of estrogen dependent diseases such as breast cancer and lupus. Just my two cents.

  4. says

    Oh my gosh! The one thing I hugely miss from going GF is those soft, flexible flour tortillas. Corn doesn’t come close, nor do a lot of the wraps I’ve found. I can’t wait to try these ones out. And I love the ingredients! Thanks for making a recipe that helps me feel like I can still eat “normal”!

  5. says

    Thanks guys!

    Saskia, Thank you so much for the info! May I ask, what about boys though? Do you think it’s good for them also? I’ve heard some docs only recommend small doses for little boys.

  6. Anonymous says

    Your gfree story is the same as mine, and I am also gfree, and so is my family. TJs ran out of the gfree wraps and stopped making them. I am so happy to have this recipe, I would rather have a wrap than a sandwhich with gfree bread. Hugs to you.

  7. says

    Phytoestrogens can be found in many foods not just soy or flax. Other well known sources are grains, fennel & sage just to name a few…
    As far as how much one individual needs I believe that everything should be taken in moderation.
    Now there are women who are deficient in estrogens and women whose body produces too much so they should watch their intakes accordingly.
    From my understanding there is more to breast cancer than just a matter of estrogens: lifestyle, emotional baggage, food choices, lack of omega 3s, bras (especially wired and push-ups) and commercial deodorant (which contain aluminium) can also be blamed.
    These were my 2 cents…

  8. Bodine says

    Oh no! now I am so very worried!Am I doing harm to my 5 year old son? He has excema, and I use tons of flax meal in everything… I found it helped his skin.We avoid soy and eat very healthy,low gluten(tapering off) and clean.I had no idea about the phydoestrogens!

  9. Corinne says

    Thank you Kelly! I am so excited to serve this to my wheat, diary, egg, soy and peanut-free 16 yr. old son. He will be thrilled to have a wrap that has some good flavor to it.
    Do you think this can be modified to use as pancake batter? I have been searching for a grain, egg & dairy-free pancake recipe to no avail, and my own experiments have royally failed. Maybe adding more liquid?
    I received Grain-Free Baked Goods and Desserts cookbook for Christmas. Love it! Thank you too for your encouraging reply to my questions as we began this “allergy-free” journey.

  10. says

    Wow! These sound amazing! We’ve been dairy-, soy-, nut-, egg-free for over 2 years now and am new to gluten-free in the last month. I was just wondering if there’s an appropriate sub for the almond meal to keep this recipe nut-free for us… I’m just to new to know all the roles/properties of the gf subs. My daughter hates the tough store-bought tortillas!

  11. says

    Oh wow YAY! I so miss tortillas!! It is my hardest food to live without. I am so excited to try these. Thank you!

    p.s. Thanks for pointing out the difference between quinoa flour and quinoa flake flour.

  12. says

    Thank you all so much for your comments!

    Bodine, You will find that not everyone agrees on the phytoestrogens in flax. I think what Alchemille said is wise: Moderation. However, I encourage you to do as much research as you can, and make your own educated decision. I’m sure you will do what’s best. My gut tells me that coconut oil would also be helpful for your son. Read about it here: article by Bruce Fife, N.D.

  13. says

    PS Chia is an excellent balance of omega 3 and 6 if you decide to add it to your son’s diet. As you can tell from my recipes, we eat it a lot. :-)

  14. says

    Hi Kelly!

    These are a DREAM!! They are delicious and just as flexible as they look in your picture! My husband is even looking forward to a breakfast burrito tomorrow:)

    Just thought I would note that I added an extra tbsp of Chia Seed Meal and an extra tbsp of Almond Flour to account for lack of Altitude. They are perfect:)

    Also, Thank you Alchemille for your additional comments on Phytoestrogen.

    Happy Eating all!!

  15. says

    Madeline, Woohoo! I’m so happy!

    Diane, Tortilla press?? What? Don’t tell me about another kitchen gadget that I will have to have! haha! I don’t know, but I’d give it a try! Maybe they wont take as long :-)

  16. Lauren @ says

    That looks delicious! And it looks like it has a great texture. I have a hard time finding tortillas in the grocery store that are gluten free and have a texture that doesn’t fall apart… has anyone found any good ones?

  17. Kay says

    I could only find sunflowerseeds roasted in oil – is this o.k? My wraps had a greenish hue and I am wondering if it was the seeds? They were amazing though!

  18. says

    Kay, It is the sunflower seeds. The same thing happened to me yesterday :-) I’m going to try substituting almond meal for the sunflower seed meal next time I make them.

  19. Esther says

    Hah, I just saw you updated it for 1 cuppa almond meal… I tried this last week, and did not have sunflower, so I just dumped in 1 cuppa almond. It worked! (and I guess you liked it better yourself too :)

    This is a great recipe. I did not have quinoa flour, so I just subbed in teff. I really liked the taste and texture, but I think they came out too dry either because teff absorbed more water, or I overbaked (not crackery at all, but tended to crack and fall apart if I pushed a little too tight).

    I’ll probably try a buckwheat version next week, as well as sunflower, because I now have sunflowers but no almond meal…. go figure. lol.

  20. Anonymous says

    I can’t wait to try these! Can I use maybe millet or rice flour for the quinoa? My family is not a fan of quinoa but I really want to make these. I know quinoa is not a grain so was unsure of how it would turn out with the use of a grain.

  21. says

    Kelly, your tortillas are great! I do not have to to gluten-free, but I love your recipes. They are so much more tasty and satisfying than the ‘regular’ stuff. These tortillas are amazing – I don’t think there are any in the grocery store that can come close to these. Thank you for sharing your recipes.

  22. Anonymous says

    I have to tell you that I LOVE LOVE LOVE this tortilla recipe! I love it so much that I even bought a tortilla press because I am going to be making a lot of these! Thank you so much I am so happy! I know weird but all you gluten free and healthy eaters totally get it :). Thank you again!

  23. says

    Hey Kelly – Made these tonight! I found them a little too wet so next time I will add 1 tbsp more of each quinoa and almond (great tip from Madeline). They were really easy to make – almost too easy considering we’re about to eat HOMEMADE wraps. Love it. And I love that the recipe makes such a large amount. Thanks Kelly!

  24. says

    Oh yum! These were really good! When the ingredients were all mixed, it was more like batter than dough (but I’m near sea level and it’s been raining and raining and raining). I persevered and baked them per your instructions though and they came out just fine!

  25. Jasmine says

    Thank you so much for this recipe! It’s awesome, I made these last night and I was so happy! No more cruddy store bought rice tortillas that are super hard and break when you fold them. These I could eat just plain. I’ve been on a mission to try to cut out grains all together so I’m grateful for your website. I love to cook and your recipes inspire me and even have some of my friends admitting they like my grain free food. :-) Thanks again!

  26. Cynthia says

    My daughter who has recently been diagnosed with milk, wheat, and glutton allergies has been cooking with me out of both of your books. We are loving the receipes! I’m really excited to try this recipe because we have been looking for tortillas to buy but have been unsuccessful. Unfortunately, the first time we tried Chia seeds my daughter had an allergic reaction. Can we use the flax seed?

  27. says

    Thanks guys!

    Cynthia, I can’t be sure it will work, but you can try it. I think you will need twice as much flax meal as chia meal. Good luck!

  28. says

    Hi! I followed the recipe to a T and mine won’t fold without breaking in half? I see is worked for many so it must be me! Any ideas or help is so appreciated!!

  29. says

    Ok, apparently it WAS ME! Something in my gut told me to try it again following the exact recipe just one more time. Glad I did. Tbey came out great!! Soft, fully flexable. I must have mis-read a measurment or something the first time. My 3 yr old twins and I LOVE THEM! Thank you very much for the recipe. Your blog ROCKS!!


  30. says

    My daughter has inflammatory bowel issues, and after much work to go gluten free, we’re finding a grain free diet to be working best.

    However, because her bowel is so sensitive right now, she can’t do chia seed meal (too irritating) or flax and Psyllium is out of the question too.

    What can I substitute for the chia seeds in your recipes? She was soooo excited to see a wrap on your site and wants to try it ASAP – but I’m lost as to how to sub the chia.

    Thank you for this site – today is our baking grain free day since we just got our almond flour in.

  31. says

    After a lot of GF cooking, we are finding that going grain free is actually working best for my daughter who struggles with inflammatory bowel issues. We’re having better nights finally!

    My ? is this – she can’t tolerate chia seeds or flax right now. What can we sub in for that? She’s so excited to try making the wraps but I’m new to this grain free cooking and am not sure what to do. Any direction you can give?

  32. says

    Sorry for those two comments – I’m new to this comment posting…

    I made the tortilla wraps without chia and it turned out GREAT! I loved them and am so excited to have this recipe.

    Instead of the 1/4 cup + 2 TBSP chia, I added the same amount of quinoa flour (I ground quinoa seeds just b/c that’s what I had on hand). Then, I added 1/2 tsp. xanthan gum. Everything else the same. Wonderful – even hubby loved them. Thank you Kelly –

  33. says

    I just found out that my boys are highly allergic to almonds! Grrr…

    So I just grind up cashews in my Blendtec and sub for almond flour now. These tortillas came out great with the cashew flour. My hubby actually likes it better than with almnond flour because the tast is very very mild :)

  34. Elizabeth says

    Kelly, these look AMAZING! I flipped when I first saw them. I haven’t had a good tortilla in a long time, especially one that’s grain free!

    However I also nearly cried when I saw what one of the major ingredients was – Quinoa. I’m allergic to Quinoa! :( Is there anything I could possibly sub for this? I can’t have rice, corn, or any grains so it could be impossible. :(


  35. says

    Sorry if you’ve already answered this Kelly, but can I use eggs in place of chia and quinoa mixture, if so do you know how many?

  36. Anonymous says

    My reading of phytoestrogens from soy is that the weaker forms of estrogen found in soy attaches itself to cancer cells thus leaving the more dangerous form of estrogen nowhere to go so it leaves the body.
    English Professor Jane Plant cured herself of cancer which kept reoccuring by following a diet which included lots of soy.
    She was named British Scientist of the year recently.

  37. says

    Trying to figure out what went wrong…these just crumbled :( I only have blanched almond flour, is that the problem? Since I don’t have an egg issue, how many eggs would I use instead of the chia and quinoa?? Would that maybe help? So discouraged, was really looking forward to these :(

  38. says

    Amy, I’m sorry to hear that. If they crumbled then I would guess they were too thin or overdone. Also, I’ve never substituted eggs in these. I don’t know if they would work in this without experimenting.

  39. Anonymous says

    Do you think these would stay fresh in their unbaked state in the fridge for a week if I put them in a sealed container?

  40. says

    Is it absolutely necessary to use so much parchment paper? Wondering if you’ve tried it without baking them in the parchment paper b/c I’m not sure I can find parchment paper any cheaper(and it is a bit pricey right now at the grocery).



  41. says

    Hi, has anyone tried making them flavored? Like with spinach powder? How much do you think I should add and should I reduce one of the other flours by that much? If yes, which one?

  42. Hannah Doyle says

    I tried this recipe last night and made chicken tacos. It was fantastic! Perfect consistency even though I didn’t roll out perfect circles evenly. I will definitely use this recipe again-the tacos were one of my favorite meals! Thanks so much

  43. Anonymous says

    Be careful with your baking powder if you are following a strict grain-free diet. Most industrial baking powders have cornstarch in them, which is a no-no. You can easily make your own with cream of tartar and baking soda. The recipe looks great, and we can’t wait to try it.

  44. says

    I have been wanting to make these forever but keep getting stuck on the quinoa flake flour. Is that the same thing as quinoa flour (Bob’s). I don’t see anything on the package that says flake. Also, can I just grind up the chia seeds to make chia meal?

  45. Anonymous says

    I just made these and they were a batter consistency. I ended up adding more almond flour, and a bit of flax meal. Has anyone tried pouring these wet into a frying pan?


  46. says

    I tried this recipe, and couldn’t peel the tortillas off the parchment paper without them splitting–a layer of tortilla would peel off with the paper. My dough was pretty wet, so I’m going to try again, adding more flour as I’ve seen some other posters have.

    There isn’t a “right” side and a “wrong” side to parchment paper, is there?

  47. says

    I tried this again, adding 1 tablespoon more of each flour, and decreasing the water to 1/2 cup. They came out perfectly! I don’t eat tortillas that often, so I packaged these in the parchment paper in foodsaver bags, and tossed some in the freezer. I’ll be curious to see how they hold up when thawed.

    Next time I’m going to try substituting coconut flour for quinoa. That might work for those allergic to quinoa. I imagine I’ll have to add back some water, as I’ve heard that coconut flour really soaks up the liquid.

    • Laura says

      Hi Dipink,

      Did they freeze ok? I love this recipe, but I’m preparing for a lengthy out of town trip and I need to know if these will work after thawing. Thanks so much for your reply (or anyone else’s)!

  48. says

    First of all, this is the BEST recipe I’ve tried for tortilla wraps (I’ve gone through 3-4 recipes already). It’s the tastiest, healthiest, and easiest! THANK YOU! Second, another huge THANK YOU for using your gift/talent to bless the lives of others. My children have a lot of food sensitivities and some health problems. I’ve felt a huge burden of finding them nourishing, non-threatening, and yummy food. Your blog has been an answer to our prayers. God bless you and your family.

  49. says

    Just tried these exactly according to your recipe, and they are amazing! One tip for everyone: I put the parchment paper in a tortilla press, and it took about 3 seconds to have perfectly round and perfectly even circles. So easy! Thanks again for the recipe.

  50. Erica says

    Thank you Kelly. I’ve made them twice now and I’m thrilled. I eat 2 per day. One with salmon salad and one with homemade Nutella. They are so flexible and tasty. Unfortunately I’ve found out my little 3 yea old son is allergic to almonds but I can enjoy as I’m trying to be grain free, dairy free, egg free.

  51. says

    I made these tonight, subbing sticky rice flour for the quinoa, and they were great! I did need to add another tablespoon of rice and almond flour as the batter was very wet. My picky husband immediately asked me to make another batch. Thanks!

  52. says

    Just wondering about cooking the chia seeds. Is it okay to heat the chia seeds to that temp without messing with the sensitive fats? Are the fats stable at this high heat?

  53. says

    Just made these. WOW! So delicious and I did not add any herb flavors. I had to add a touch more chai and almond flour because it was too wet. I live a very high altitude, so maybe, that has something to do with it. Can’t wait to get them just right and have a wrap sandwich! I may even make them square and thicker and use as bread since my daughters can’t have yeast.

    Thank you so much for this recipe:)

  54. says

    We loved these. Still working to make them more pliable. I think I made them too thin. Flavor was outstanding! I was thinking about making them thicker and square to use as sandwich bread since we can’t use yeast. Can hardly wait!

  55. says

    These are in the oven right now and smell great. I love that I don’t have to fight with a skillet or do the parchment paper waffle dance (try to peel one side and cook the first side, etc.) We are having sweet potato and black bean tacos tonight…I’m really excited about these wraps.

    Do you rinse your quinoa the night before and let it air dry or do you skip the rinsing part for these wraps? I certainly didn’t do this the easy way when making the quinoa flakes.

  56. says

    This is a question to which I would appreciate an answer from anyone! :) Can psyllium husk powder be substituted for starches? What are some guidelines for it in baking? Thanks so much!

  57. Linda says

    These wraps are great! I made them by grinding Chia seeds and Quinoa seeds and almonds. I cooked them in a flat bed sandwich press for 50-60 seconds between the paper, which worked well and was quick! If you overbake them in the oven they make great a crunchy snack.Thanks for the recipe!

  58. says

    !!! I made these and thought i had done something wrong when they were so sticky i couldnt get the paper off before baking and cried as i threw the batch away!!! now i see DO NOT TRY TO TAKE THE PAPER OFF BEFORE BAKING!!! will try again!

  59. Olivia says

    Thank you so much for your blog!! I’ve been recently diagnosed with 30 different food allergies/sensitivities and your blog has given me hope that I don’t have to eat just meat and veggies for the rest of my life. Your tortilla recipe was the first recipe that I’ve tried after several days of perusing and drooling over your blog and they were wonderful! I can’t wait to try more recipes!

  60. says

    These tortillas look wonderful. However, I am allergic to chia, and flax. I there anything I could sub for the chia meal?(Would more almond meal work?)

  61. says

    These look wonderful. However, I am allergic to both chia and flax(which a couple comments suggest as a sub). Is there anything I can sub for the chia meal? More almond flour or eggs, maybe?

  62. says

    If this comment has already gone through several times, I apologize. I can’t tell if it has been sent or not, as the computer keeps asking me to prove I’m not a robot, and then deleting my comment. So here, I’ll try one more time: I am allergic to both chia and flax. Is there anything I can sub for the chia meal? More almond flour or eggs maybe?

  63. says

    Hey Kelly, love your blog – use it all the time!! My Q is, how do I make my chia seed meal? I don’t have a Magic bullet or spare coffee grinder – tried with my mortar & pestle: NIGHTMARE!!!! My food processor just mixes them, not chops! Grrrrrrr….. Any suggestions would be fantastic!!!

  64. Anonymous says

    Buy a Ninja Master Prep Pro. It was the best $50 I ever spent. I puree raw food, turn nuts and grain into flour, and make the best smoothies out of frozen fruit. I have used $180+ models and haven’t seen the results I get with my own.

  65. says

    These look great! It seems like so many of the GF wraps we have tried get all crumbly, so I love the idea of a flexible wrap that actually works! Thanks!

  66. Anonymous says

    Thanks so much! Delicious! And guess what? I made mine a little too thick (I know this because they took longer to cook than they should have) and then I actually forgot one tray in the oven! I cooked it for probably 45 minutes. When I finally remembered them, they were crisp. Turns out they make fantastic crackers!

    btw I saw your suggestions to “try it and see” and so I was free with substitutions- I subbed garbanzo flour for the quinoa flour, and completely left out the arrowroot. Didn’t have the milk, just used water. Left out the baking powder because of the corn starch, and just added a 1/2 t extra baking soda. Flavored with salt and garlic powder. Turned out awesome. Thanks for giving me the courage to experiment!

  67. Sarah M. says

    Just made these and they were great!! I have been GF/DF (and mostly grain free) for 8 months now and these are perfect! I’m so happy to have found your site! So many fantastic recipes!… and your chocolate cookbook is fabulous! I have noticed that my 4 year old son’s has less behavior issues when he is off gluten, could you recommend at substitute for the almond flour…maybe coconut flour? I would love to be able pack these in his lunch box, but his school is nut free! Thanks!

    • says

      Hi! I noticed your comment was never responded to and I thought I’d give a little feedback. Coconut flour is a tricky substitution for almond flour. It can be done, but the amount should be reduced by at least half. Coconut flour goes a long way! I’d reduce the coconut flour by half and add a few tablespoons of arrowroot starch, to start. I’d also recommend adding a few eggs.

    • says

      Yes. It’s hard to get it as finely ground as Honeyville almond flour (also called almond meal), but you might be able to get it to be like Bob’s Red Mill, which is more coarse. But if you blend (or grind) too long the nuts become nut butter!

  68. Ceci says

    Thanks for posting these! I was wanting to have something easy, which it seems these are, to make that did not have egg, gluten, or dairy in them for my daughter who has all those allergies. Finding bread without egg is extremely difficult. So these will be great. Hope she likes them. :-)

  69. Mandy O says

    I made these tonight – awesome! Were a huge hit with my husband and Son. My gluten intolerant princess was fast asleep so I’ll have to make another batch tomorrow. Didn’t change the recipe at all perfect! Don’t be put off by stickiness – they come out beautifully, pliable and hold their ingredients. Thank you Kelly all the way from the land down under

  70. Shari says

    Oh my… gonna go try these soon. I was looking for a GF/DF Flour type wrap recipe that used Chia Seeds and was hesitant to click on this one cause your web addy has the word coconut in it. I unfortunately cannot use Coconut oil or flours as I am allergic so was expecting the recipe to use them. Surprise Surprise and so glad I clicked anyway. I can have all these ingredients and have them all on hand. I will be back to give my review in a little while :-)

  71. Grace says

    Hello! I’m seeing a lot of talk about quinoa flakes in the comments section but I don’t see it listed in the ingredients. Am I missing something? Can someone tell me the measurement? I dying to make these this weekend! :)

  72. Lisa says

    I have searched high and low for a g/f, vegan, low-carb wrap and this recipe (with a minor tweak) worked PERFECTLY! I subbed psyllium husk powder for the arrowroot/tapioca and 2 Tbsp flaxmeal for the 2 Tbsp chia meal.. kept everything else the same. (Well, I also added 1/2 tsp each Herbs de Provence and basil to the dry ingredients.) I get 6 *very large* or 12 “regular” size from the recipe. The large are perfect for a pizza for two! :-) THANK YOU!! Off to try some ice cream recipes…

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