Spicy Hawaiian Fajitas (gluten-free, casein-free)

I was only half joking on Twitter when I said I could eat these spicy Hawaiian fajitas every day :-) They are so yummy. I just take my gluten free tortillas recipe and add a mixture of Daiya dairy-free cheese (you only need a little), ham, turkey, pineapple and hot sauce. Put them in a pan with a tiny bit of oil for a few minutes on each side and voila.

Yesterday I ran out of ham and pineapple, so I sauteed red cabbage and carrots for a few minutes. Then I added a little broth and gluten-free tamari (coconut aminos would work also) and put the lid on, slightly ajar, for a few minutes more. I intended on frying this mixture in the tortillas, like and egg roll, but I ended up just making them fajita style. They were kinda messy, not having any Daiya to hold the fillings together, but still good enough for me :-)

What other fillings do you suggest I put in my fajitas or wraps?

♥, Kelly


  1. Lauren@balancedforkhealthylife.com says

    These sound delicious! What about a mediterranean theme? Olives, cucumbers, tomatoes. Have you found a replacement to feta cheese?

  2. says

    i love the idea of doing a mediterranean theme and use hummus as the glue instead of cheese, with all sorts of veggies. you could also do a mock pizza with tomato sauce, toppings and daiya. what about a philly cheesesteak with beef and peppers and onions? oh, and breakfast burritos!!! i only wish i could eat eggs. you could also do a blt with nitrate free bacon. i wonder if you could do a reuben? you know the party appetizers with cream cheese and olives in a tortilla, you could do that with a cashew cream cheese and olives. bean burritos. quesadillas. pesto chicken wraps. a family favorite on mexican night, tortillas rolled up with (vegan) butter and cinnamon heated up in the microwave. yum! the possibilities are endless! sorry i went a little crazy.

  3. says

    I love the gluten-free grain-free tortilla you came up with to go with these fajitas. A nice alternative to corn tortillas, which has been my gluten-free tortilla of choice lately (brown rice tortillas seem so hard).

  4. says

    We usually sautee mushrooms, carrots, bell peppers, onion, garlic and any other forlorn veggies in the fridge with cumin, coriander, paprika. By the time we make up all the vegetables, there’s usually no room for meat. Cheese, sour cream, pickled jalapenos and tomatoes to top it all off. I always love potatoes in tacos too!

  5. says

    How about crumbed tofu for feta cheese? I’ve done that on pizza and it’s pretty good if you warm it up. Love the Greek theme too!! SO need to try that.

    How about a California theme: turkey, avocados, red onion and maybe some bacon or turkey bacon. Or Barbecue chicken or pulled pork.

  6. says

    Oh you are making my mouth water. I really have been missing ham pineapple and cheese toasties on the anti-candida diet! They were a diet staple for me in the past :'( Now my favourite tortilla filling is homemade guocamole, salsa and spicy chicken. You could also try falafels with hummus and rocket. mmm thankfully its lunchtime now, all this talk of food 😛

  7. says

    Just made these for lunch today. LOVE them! My family thinks I’m fabulous. I have to say I did have doubts when I saw the dough was so wet. But I persevered and ended up with lovely pliable wraps! Everyone said they were better than any gluten free wrap we’ve ever bought. Hurray! Now they want them everyday. Boo! LOL I’ll post a picture soon.

  8. says

    When I don’t have daiya to glue the contents in, I rely on home made bean spread. If you make it and put a ton of veggies glued into the bean spread, then bake it in the oven with something heavy on top of it (smooshed between parchment paper) it’ll all gel and be stuck and SUPER yum. Here’s my recipe:
    Kelly- I also finally made something that I would never have tried and it totally worked out- gluten free samosas. The dough was crunchy and soft and yummy, and could totally be used for Jamaican patties, calzones, or any other baked pocket. Thought you might like to try…

    Congrats on the pregnancy by the way. You and your family must be SO excited. :)

  9. says

    Oh my!! All the wonderful ideas you ladies posted. All my ideas were already listed…

    Well maybe a Cuban theme with Cuban black beans & rice topped with chopped onions. Hmm, I could use my leftovers to put into these!! Tomatoes would be good with this too, maybe even a little lettuce. Guess I will be making my Cuban Black Beans this week to add to the wraps of yours I will be cooking!

    Oh, also a tuna, or chicken salad in the wrap would be good.
    ~Mrs. R

  10. says

    Kelly, I made your wraps tonight; they turned out perfect. Genius recipe. I took a few of them, added shredded raw milk cheddar to one side, folded the other side over, and cooked them on my griddle until the cheese was melted. The perfect quesadilla. My boys scarfed them down in no time.

  11. says

    OK, this is funny. I made the pineapple/ham filling tonight. I was so tired, I pulled out these new coconut based wraps I recently bought so I wouldn’t have to make any. Here they are:


    They were nice, pliable and tasted very coconuty. Which meant my unfortunate choice of filling made me feel like I was eating a pina colada with ham. Then I got the pina colada song stuck in my head and I just gave up. LOL I had to share this funny moment with you. Do you now have the pina colada song stuck in your head???


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