gluten-free at Martino’s Pizzeria, Lafayette, CO

We went to Martino’s for gluten-free pizza today. Despite Zoe’s decision to wear short sleeves, it was a very cold, kind of overcast day. Not exactly typical for the area, but a nice change. (Yesterday it was so warm and sunny that I didn’t even need a coat on my walk.) We don’t get television at home, so a cozy pizzeria with the football game on a big flatscreen TV was also a nice change :-) Zoe and Ashley played happily with the wooden pizza set, while they prepared our…
…gluten-free pizzas with Daiya (dairy-free) cheese. Mmm…
I’ve mentioned Martino’s before, but it’s worth saying again: They have awesome pizza. The crust is made by Sweet Escape and it’s excellent. Plus the sauce is great, and toppings they offer make for the perfect pizza.
What I didn’t realize until after I ordered is that they also carry Sweet Escape bread for sandwiches. Whaaaat? I already had my heart set on a pizza anyway, but now that I know about the gluten-free sandwiches, I can’t wait to go in for one of those! (Even with the fabulous gluten-free bread, the sandwiches are only $8.00!)
Finally, the gluten-free cookie that they warmed in the oven was the icing on the cake. And it’s gluten, dairy and nut free. Hello. This place is very allergy-friendly. You’ve gotta go.
♥, Kelly


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    That looks like a great place to have pizza! Your kids are so cute :)
    It seems to me like Colorado has more healthy eating options than most other states? Do you think Colorado is a nice state to go on a holiday and travel around a little?

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    I think of this area as the gluten-free mecca :-) It’s a great place for a vacation, especially gluten-free! Some day I’m going to open a bed and breakfast here :-)

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    You’ve got to be kidding me! I had no idea. I’ve seen gluten free but not gluten AND dairy/casein free! Awesome. My husband is a huge pizza fan and since we’re avoiding gluten/casein/soy, etc for our daughter, we just don’t get pizza, though a few times I’ve made gf/cf.

    We’ll definitely have to go check it out. My sister and her BF life in Lafayette so we should take them…

    Thanks for the tip!

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    Great little photo series! Your kids are darling. But, I must admit, I scrolled right back down to that chocolate cake of yours. It absolutely looks perfect. Moist and yummy. Just made Ali’s chocolate pie yesterday and now I want to make this cake of yours. This will be next on my “treat” agenda. Wow, I’m so impressed with how that cake looks so picture-perfect!

    P.S. And yes, you’d be perfect as a GF B & B hostess. I might even travel the 10 miles or so to stay at your place in Lafayette. =)

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    This is so great to know! We moved from Lafayette, CO to Madison, WI last year, but go back for visits frequently. I will definitey hit up Martino’s next time we go!

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    So nice that you have a pizza place that is allergy sensitive. We have none around, but I’ve found a rice pizza crust and used the Daiya mozzarella cheese on top. My son is allergic to tomato too, so pizza is a challenge, but I used pesto. Loving your blog as I’m new to cooking for a highly allergic child. Thank you!

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    since I’m new to your blog I was super excited for 1/2 a second there by the title of your post. You see, I live just a few miles from Lafayette. Lafayette CA… waaaaa! 😀 No Martino’s Pizzeria for me

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