pizza, pizza, pizza… oh, the gluten-free pizza here in Coloado

Soon you will be able to go to any pizza place in Boulder and the surrounding area, and order a gluten-free pizza. Maybe we’re already there. I can think of more pizza places that offer gluten-free pizza than I can think of ones that don’t. It’s remarkable. If food plays an important role in your choice of places to go on vacation, then you should really consider here.
Lately, I’ve been introduced to two more pizza places serving up gluten-free pizzas. My friend, Annie, told me I had to go to Martinos Pizzeria in Lafayette, and that they also offer Daiya vegan cheese (my favorite vegan cheese). I had a good feeling that we wouldn’t be disappointed when I found out that they get their crust from one of my favorite local gluten-free bakeries, Sweet Escape. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera that night, but it was Yum-O. And considering we had a gluten-free pizza with Daiya, the price was surprisingly low.
Then today my hubby went out for lunch with a friend who just arrived in town. His friend suggested they go to Basil Flats here in Longmont. I was doubtful they would have gluten-free—I don’t know why. My reaction should have been, “I’m sure they’ll have gluten-free!” since almost everywhere now does. I Googled it quickly and sure enough…
Doesn’t that look delicious? I gave hubby my camera so he snapped us this photo. He said it was very good and only around $10 for a 10 inch gluten-free pizza. I can’t wait to go there with the kids 😀
To get a small idea of how many places offer gluten-free here, click on this Sweet Escape link and see all the restaurants that offer their bread, pasta, etc. But remember there are quite a few other excellent gluten-free bakeries here, who supply many more restaurants too. And feel free to share your favorite places to eat gluten-free in the comments :-)
♥, Kelly


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    We are actually heading to Colorado for a Christmas vacation this weekend and will be spending one day in Boulder. This is really good to know! Any suggestions for organic, not super expensive places for lunch? We’ll be staying in Breckenridge, and will be heading to Vail one day as well. I was somewhat surprised at the lack of organic, local eateries in the area…

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    The pizza looks delicious! Pizza is hands down one of my most favorite types of food ever. Besides vegetables :) I love the new blog. It looks super professional. All the colors are bright! My eyes need to adjust a little :) I feel like I’ve been away for a few days and BAM look at all the changes!! I can’t wait to browse through your book in Barnes and Noble.

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    Mod Market in Boulder does too. they have both gluten-free crust/sandwich flat-bread and the Daiya. Also, all their soups are GF and there are many gluten, soy, and dairy-free sauces to choose from. The prices aren’t too bad either. I would recommend going for dinner rather than lunch. It is crazy during the lunch hour. I live in Longmont.

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    Pizza is one of my most favorite foods on the face of the planet! I need to do some research to find some pizza shops in Nashville that have gluten-free options!

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    Right not I love Black Jack gf pizza in Boulder who offers buy one get the second half off all the time! Also love Radda and Laudisio for gf pasta and pizza and great gf menus.

  6. Kelly says

    I think that Nick n Willy’s had great take and bake gluten-free pizza. They know how to avoid cross contamination and it is the best tasting gf crust I have had yet! A must try!

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    I live in Longmont, CO and have to agree Blackjack’s in Boulder and Longmont have the best deal with a very good tasting GF pizza. 7 West in Longmont also has GF pizza crust that is outstanding! There are many places in Colorado to eat GF pizza…we are so lucky.

  8. jill says

    Martino’s crust is AWESOME–the best I’ve had. I usually disapprove of the upcharge for gf crust (and avoid those places), but they’re worth it.

    Boulder Organic Pizza doesn’t charge, which I appreciate, but their crust tastes like a baking powder and egg based mix (which it is). It would be a godsend in most places, but in Boulder I can be picky about gf stuff. We still go there because I like the place, but maybe I should suggest a crust change.

    And on a related note, if you haven’t tried Louisville’s new Lucky Pie, I give it a thumbs down–very pricey, so-so ingredients, plus a big charge for gf crust, which tastes like burned buckwheat and guar gum.

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