Merry Christmas Menu Planning

I’m sitting here in my kitchen, planning my shopping list for Christmas dinner. Some of the ingredients I want to use aren’t available at my local health food store. So I’m going to have to make a special trip to Boulder to get certain things, like the lingonberry sauce, and the ground meat for my meatballs.
As always, I’m making my Green Bean Casserole, which is time consuming, but extremely worth it. And I love that after I make this casserole (and everything we’re planning to have) there will be leftovers for a couple days. Meaning: I wont have to cook again for days.

We can’t have our Scandinavian-inspired Christmas without Swedish meatballs and lingonberry sauce. This year I’m going to make them with half ground pork and half ground chicken because I have a hard time digesting beef and therefore almost never eat it. I think the meatballs will still be good though. You can find that recipe in my first cookbook.
On the side I’m going to serve Rosemary & Garlic Rolls with olive oil. I wish I had one right now. Mmm…

And finally we’re going to offer Pumpkin Pie and rice pudding (from my first cookbook) for dessert. Zoe will have to have the rice pudding to see if she finds the almond in hers, which she usually does. :-)

What traditions do you have for your holiday meal? Tell us in the comments and leave a recipe or a link if you like :-)
♥, Kelly


  1. Jennifer R. says

    Kelly, it all sounds sooo delicious! I made your pumpkin pie for thanksgiving and it was awesome — so I’m making it for Christmas too :)
    Merry Christmas!!

  2. says

    Hi Kelly… For us one of the big Christmas/holiday traditions is the Mock cake, a Polish sweet bread with poppyseed filling that we make every year (gluten-free, of course!). We also often do a Sicilian seafood meal on Christmas Eve, depending on if we’re with Kelli’s family or mine in any given year. I haven’t made them (yet) this year, but we sometimes also do speculaas cookies (from my Belgian grandmother). Lots of food traditions to love! =)

    Cheers, Pete

  3. says

    We made your green bean caserole for Thanksgiving and my sister said it is the only one she has eaten that she has ever enjoyed. My family also has Swedish Meatballs for Christmas. I will probably have to invent a recipe because your cookbook is on my Christmas list this year. Are you able to buy sugar free Lingonberry sauce? I have only ever seen it at Ikea.

  4. says

    Jennifer, YAY! Cool! I’m so glad =)

    Peter, WOW! Can I come? 😉 Give Kelli my love!

    Sweepstake, That’s awesome! I’ve been told the same by my guests also :-)

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