Christmas Cookies (gluten-free)

We’re in full-swing Christmas spirit here, and one of our favorite ways to celebrate is by making cookies together :-) These stars are my gluten-free chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips. We floured the dough lightly, rolled it out, and used two sizes of star cookie cutters. Then we melted dairy-free chocolate chips on the lowest heat. The chocolate was thick, because it we only barely melted it, giving us a nice thick frosting. We topped the cookies with sprinkles that are naturally colored and ate them with cashew milk. I get the sprinkles at the health food store, but I lost the box or I would give you the name
Happy Holidays everyone!
♥, Kelly


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    These looks good :) Like the christmas cookies I used to make. Hopefully this year I will actually have time to make some gluten free versions. Also, the sprinkles come from Lets Do organic brand.. which can be found here:

    I know because I buy the same ones! I bought them to put on top of ice cream, but I always seem to forget. I would like to use them for cookies too eventually! Thanks for sharing Kelly. Merry Christmas! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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    What an awesome photo, Kelly! Gorgeous. I’d like one of those cookies. My house isn’t even decorated yet. I’ve been sick, but I’m starting to feel better and my appetite is coming back. Yippee!

    Happy holidays!


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    Thanks, Kelly. This will be my first Christmas gluten-free (at least in part), and I was wondering how to do some cookies that look more traditional and are still healthier.

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