With our friends at Boulder farmers market

A couple weeks ago we went to the Boulder Farmers Market with our friends, Zoe and Mark, and their lovely children. I wanted to share some beautiful photos taken by our friend, Mark, of Metroseen. Their business, Metroseen showcases local businesses via beautiful and engaging videos, then puts them all in one place. The local story is then told. Enjoy Mark’s photos :-)

♥, Kelly


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    We had so much fun, Kelly! We wanted to go again today, but we had a big soccer game in Greeley. Maybe next week?

    Also, I thought you’d just pick one or two of the photos to post – it was nice of you to post them all.

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    Thanks so much for the answer! I have never heard of watermelon radish but will keep an eye out at our local farmers market when it comes back in the spring! They are almost to pretty to eat 😉

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    Love the pupusas! We get the vegan ones. Made a video about the gfree goodies at Boulder farmers market :-) It’s under “videos” on my blog :-)

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