Sweet Hemp Milk Chai Latte dairy-free, refined sugar-free

When we were in Manitou Springs last weekend, there was this great coffee shop (wish I could remember the name of it) where they not only offered soy and almond milk, but also hemp milk. That was the first time I’ve ever seen hemp milk in a coffee shop. I was thrilled because I try to avoid soy milk, and almond milk is never thick enough for chai or coffee. I’ve had ice cream by this company before, but never their milk substitute. It was made by Tempt. Have you ever tried Tempt ice cream? It’s delish. We love the mint flavor. But I don’t get it often because of all the sugar it contains.
As we were enjoying our hemp chai lattes in Manitou Springs, I realized I’ve never posted how to make your own hemp milk. It’s really easy. Unlike almond and cashew milk, which I find sweet on their own, I think hemp milk requires a bit more sweetness. Also, it tends to separate more than almond or cashew milks. So just give it a good stir before using it :-)

How to make your own sweet hemp milk

Add to blender:
1/4 cup hemp seeds hemp seeds (also available in health food stores, often in the omega 3 & 6 department, as it is high in both)
6 dates (soak first if they are dry)
Add water up to the top cup line.

Sweet Hemp Milk Chai Latte

Steep 1 bag of chai (I use Yogi Tea, Chai Black) in 1/2 cup water, just off the boil, for about 7 minutes.
Add 2 tsp of honey to the tea. Stir.
Divide between two small mugs.
Warm 1/2 cup sweet hemp milk slightly. (Too much heat will destroy the omega 3 & 6)
Add to tea.
Makes two small (or one medium) hemp chai latte.
I hope you enjoy this chai as much as Zoe, Ashley, and I do. Next I’m thinking of taking this recipe and making a big batch for chai ice cream. :-)

♥, Kelly


  1. says

    Thanks for this recipe Kelly! My husband loves Chai lattes so I’ll have to try it for him. I have trouble finding unsweetened non-dairy milks in coffee shops! We don’t need MORE sugar, especially in coffee when people can just add it themselves. Okay, mini rant is over :) Do you use a Blendtec or a Vitamix? I’m trying to decide which on to buy. Thanks!

  2. says

    You’re welcome, Maggie! I use a Blendtec, and if I had to recommend a blender I would suggest the new Blendtec with the 4 inch blade. Unfortunately, the new carafe with the 4 inch blade wont fit on my old base :-( or I’d get one!

  3. Charlene says

    Hi Kelly! Thanks for your lovely recipes. We made the vanilla pudding from your book the other night and it made my son very very happy! I am about to purchase a Blendtec through our Costco. The demo guy said the 4″ blade is not good at making flour. Have you heard this? I’m still considering the 4″ though. Scarey plunking down that kind of cash so I’m trying to talk myself into it! 😉

  4. says

    Hi, I love your blog and your recipes! It’s so refreshing to find someone who uses the most nurishing ingredients without all the sugar and agave. My son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at 15 months old. I do my best to minimize the amount of insulin he needs through his diet but as he is getting older, he’s beginning to notice what normal kids get to eat. I’m afraid he is feeling more and more set apart from other children. Holidays I find extremely stressful, but this Thanksgiving my son and I are planning to make your Pumkin Pie. Thank you!! Truly grateful!! Mom of a sweet angel.

  5. says

    Thanks, Charlene! I don’t know about making flour with the 4 inch blade. That’s a good question. I know my regular size Blendtec carafe is great for making flour. But the only kind I’ve made is buckwheat flour.

    Grace, Thank you so much! I think your little boy has a sweet angel of a mommy :-)

  6. says

    This looks delicious and I love the glasses. I haven’t tried making hemp milk yet but have been making cashew milk thanks to your website. I haven’t tried Yogi brand yet. I have been making iced chai lattes with GoodEarth decaf vanilla chai tea. Pour over ice and add sweetener and cashew milk. My new favorite and it’s kept me out of Starbucks:) Thank you for what looks like another great recipe.

  7. says

    I’m so glad I found your blog! I have had multiple people tell me about it from the Foodie at CM to a couple good friends. This recipe looks more than tasty!I have been on the look out for great gluten free recipes, and my vegan bff is always greatful for a new recipe to try out. Thanks!

  8. says

    Will you be my mom?! I love my mom, but could always use another! Love this post — teaching your girls about good food in a fun way.

    Enjoy the snow today!

  9. says

    how fun! maybe I will try it!
    guess what is going to be on my countertop tomorrow afternoon?
    YES! Blendtec is coming to Costco and I will be buying one w/ my bday cash (well, that AND the $ i’ve been saving from selling everything I can think of on Craigslist!) woohoo!! i just can’t wait!
    i am so bummed for you that the new carafe won’t fit your old base. hmm. that has me stumped. maybe you should sell it on craigslist and buy a new one with me tomorrow?! :)
    thanks for all the great recipes, friend.

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