Oven Omelette with Sweet Potato Crust gluten-free, dairy-free

I love omelette, but I don’t like making them. That’s why I make these “oven omelettes” all the time. This recipe made two “pies” and about six servings. We let them cool to room temperature, and took them to the park for a picnic.

We just ate them with our hands like pizza :D
The other end of this park has a playground and a rose garden. I took some photos of the roses at twilight, one of my favorite times of day for pictures.

To see all of the photos I took this evening, Click Here, to go to my family blog :D

And now for the recipe!

Oven Omelette with Sweet Potato Crust

Lightly grease two pie dishes. Thinly slice one large or two small sweet potato, and arrange it around the bottom of the pie dishes, like this:
Sprinkle the sweet potato crust with sea salt and pepper.

Pour omelet mixture over top.

Omelette mixture

8 whisked eggs
1.5 tsp Herbamare seasoning
1 finely chopped sauteed onion
1 finely chopped sauteed red pepper
2 cloves minced sauteed garlic
2 cups lightly steamed, thinly sliced broccoli
1 cup sliced Applegate Farms, Chicken & Maple, Breakfast Sausage*
1/2 cup Daiya dairy-free cheese
1/2 cup finely chopped sundried tomatoes
Bake at 350 for about 40 minutes.
*I like Applegate Farms, Chicken & Maple, Breakfast Sausage because it’s gluten and casein free and it doesn’t contain MSG or nitrates. Plus the chickens are treated humanely and without antibiotics.

♥, Kelly


  1. says

    This is seriously the best thing I’ve come across in a while! I know what we will be having for Sunday dinner. I love sweet potatoes and my kids love them along w broccolie and eggs! Perfect! thank you so much!
    If pictures turn out o.k. do you mind if I post this on my blog and link back to you?

  2. Andrea says

    I made this for breakfast this morning (minus the peppers and tomatoes) and it turned out great. The best part is that this was Hubby Approved. Thanks for the recipe!

  3. says

    Oh yum, this sounds wonderful. I would skip the sausage but I bet it would be just as good without! I’m glad you can do eggs right now… Yay!


  4. says

    Can this be done without the sweet potato “crust”? I believe it would be better as is…but some people in this household cannot do potatoes.
    Thanky you!
    (Lovely pictures by the way)

  5. Anonymous says

    I am just now starting to go Paleo, and made this as one of my first dinners for my kids! It was a huge hit! They absolutely loved it! Thank you so much!

  6. Anonymous says

    So amazing! I made this for an office brunch and everyone said it was the best quiche they ever had! I subbed in 2 slices of turkey bacon instead of the sausage and didnt have sundried totmatoes so dropped some pesto drops on top. It was bomb!!! Will DEF make again!

  7. says

    This looks really good. Can you offer a replacement for the Daiya dairy-free cheese? I would like to avoid some of the ingredients in it. Thanks for any help.

  8. Lois says

    I’m going to try and do this without the chicken sausage. While they may be raised humanely, they aren’t usually killed humanely. I can get eggs that I trust, but I’m going to look for an alternative to the sausage. I’ll let you know.

  9. Jane says

    WOW, that sounds AMAZING! And I just bought sweet potatoes today! Gonna try with spinach and cherry tomatoes and bratwurtz…cuz that’s what I got! Thanks for the idea.

  10. Nikki says

    This sounds wonderful. I LOVE Herbamare seasoning. SOO GOOD! And the Applegate chicken sausage is so good. Can’t wait to try this one!

  11. Arlene says

    In the oven! Celebrating our daughter’s 25th birthday I always make her some sort of omlette to start her day! perfect timing

  12. kristy says

    This dish has been a staple in our home for years, my mum use to make it! Best way to fill the family with nutrients! Thinly sliced pumpkin seasoned with herbamare & a dash of coconut oil. Yummy!

  13. Claire says

    Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe. I cannot tell you what a joy it has been to eat this week. My husband and I lead very busy lives and I find it hard to cook things at 5am, never-the-less things that include wonderful vegetables. I have made quite a variety of recipes off of your website and I can honestly say they have all been fantastic. This was no exception, I am looking forward to snacking on it again in the morning. Thank you for doing what you do, to help people like us eat healthier and happier. You are wonderful! :)

  14. Pat Powers says

    I didnt have the seasoning used fresh tomatoes and Italian sausage its great though changed next time Ill make it for lunch

  15. says

    Hi Kelly! I just referenced your DELICIOUS oven omelette with sweet potato crust as my favorite breakfast on my wellness blog. Thank you for creating this, I make it frequently and love eating it to the moon and back.

    DeAnne/ dwellnessproject.com

  16. laura lewis says

    This is such an awesome recipe..ive made it before but tonight im out of brocolli but have frozen kale to use in place and bacon in place of sausage..it should still be yummy

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