Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie, egg free, dairy free

Last night I was like a kid on Christmas Eve. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t stop thinking about the egg-free no-bake pumpkin pie I had mentioned I was making on the Spunky Coconut Facebook Page . Would it turn out? Would it taste good? I have to tell you I have been trying to make an egg-free pumpkin pie for three years now, with no success… Until now =)

This morning I woke up before sunrise, anxious to see my pie. I laid in bed trying to forget about it and go back to sleep. It didn’t work. Finally it was light enough outside. So I crept down the stairs in my robe, took the pumpkin pie from the fridge and cut it with a knife. I started getting excited. It looked right… I tasted it… Oh, joy! Delish!

And now I can hardly wait to share it with you! So without further ado…

Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie

Gluten-Free Pie Crust

Follow my Spunky Gluten-free Pie Crust recipe. I also have a this NO-BAKE crust if you prefer.

Egg-free, Dairy-free, No-bake Pumpkin Pie Filling

Add to blender or food processor:
2 cups cooked pumpkin (I used one that I cooked from our garden)
1 cup coconut milk
1/3 cup coconut sugar
1/8 to 1/4 tsp vanilla liquid stevia (one or two droppers-full, or to your taste)
1 tsp vanilla
2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
3 tbsp 2 tbsp + 1 tsp Gelatin that has been completely dissolved into 1/4 cup boiling water
1/2 tsp sea salt

Puree. Pour into baked crust. Refrigerate overnight.

♥, Kelly

P.S. If you want an even easier completely no-bake pie, you could make this crustless or use a no-bake crust.

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  1. says

    Kelly I am so excited about this recipe! One of my readers just issued a challenge for healthy pumpkin pie that is dairy free, egg free, sugar free and still tastes good (and has good texture). I will definitely send this one on to her. I can’t wait to try this.

    Just a question – does this taste like coconut at all?

  2. says

    Oh my goodness, this looks amazing! I can’t wait to try it! I don’t have any gelatin on hand, do you think I could sub with xanthum gum?

  3. lori says

    if you don’t have coconut sugar what other alternatves would work? Would maple syrup work? I live in VT :)

    So happy to find your blog – we are wheat, gluten, dairy, egg, soy and nut free – such a blessing to stumble on your site :) Be well,


  4. says

    Thanks guys! I CAN’T WAIT for you to make it yourselves! We had it for breakfast—YUMMMM =)

    I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to your substitution questions though. I don’t think xanthan or guar gum would work. Agar would, but I’ve never used it. I do think another sugar in place of the coconut sugar would work. And I can’t taste the coconut milk, although cashew milk would probably be fine in its place =)

    Hugs, Kelly

  5. says

    Wow, looks amazing! I’m going to try the pie this weekend, substituting agar for gelatin. Kelly you were right -I found an article on ( says that powdered agar-agar can be substituted in equal parts for gelatin. Yay! I may also substitute raw agave nectar for coconut sugar since the pie isn’t baked. Do you think it would be alright to substitute organic pumpkin puree for the cooked pumpkin? Thanks! 😀

  6. Anonymous says

    hi Kelly, this looks great. As we just had Canadian thanksgiving up here, I made a raw vegan version of this pie with chestnuts and yam as the filling! My no bake crust is almond meal held together with pureed dates and date water.
    Yours looks creamier than mine but I was pretty happy with the results. Thanks for your inspirational recipes!!

  7. says

    Have you tried Tofu in your pumpkin pie? I use whatever I have available such as butternut squash for the pumpkin and usually throw in tofu to create the custard quality.

  8. says

    Oh my. I’m going to make this for my father-in-law who’s a diabetic. He’s in his 80’s and has always had a slice of pie every day of his life (raised on a farm, large family). This is sooooo exciting! Plus I myself haven’t ever been able to eat eggs and I kinda like pumpkin and sweet potato pie myself. Thank you Kelly. Oh, can it sit out a few hours the day you serve or should it remain in the refrigerator until people dig in?

  9. says

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    Thank you.

  10. Saskia says

    oh Kelly, thanks for yet another egg free wonder! yay! The only problem is that I have so many dessert type recipes filed away to make “someday”, and I’m trying to cut down on the sweets….so…what’s a girl to do?

    Just curious, what is the gelatin used for? Can I leave it out?

  11. says

    Kelly this looks fabulous and I just found your site- yippee!! So excited. Question? How do I do the cooked pumpkin? Can I substitute with caned pumpkin? If not how do you or anyone prepare your cooked pumpkin – can’t wait to try this!

    Tracy Gardner

  12. says

    I get my coconut sugar from Azure Stardard, but they also have it in health food stores and other websites =)

    I think the gelatin would hold if it sat out for a couple hours, but I can’t be sure =)

    The gelatin is what holds it together without eggs =)

    I cook pumpkin whole in the oven at 400 degrees for about an hour. Just put in on a cookie sheet, and don’t poke or cut it at all. It steams inside the skin. After it’s cooled for about an hour the skin peals right off and you can scoop out the seeds. =)

    Canned pumpkin would also be fine.

  13. says

    Made this last night – one version without the crust using pure pumpkin, and one version with the crust with a mix of pumpkin and kabocha squash. They are both delish! Thanks for an awesome and versatile recipe. What an awesome breakfast I had this morning!!

  14. says

    You did it!!! I’m so excited now. Thanksgiving dinner is looking UP! (As if I can wait until then to try it.)
    THANK YOU for sharing with us!

  15. says

    See, if you want to make it completely easy don’t even grease a pie dish – just divide it between four small tupperware containers and refrigerate. Of course, only an incredibly lazy person would do that but I’m sure it’ll still make an amazing breakfast tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Christine Peh says

    Hi Kelly! This looks amazing!!! So happy this turned out for you! Now I’m itching to try it too… :)
    Just a quick question – what can I substitute in place of applesauce? Did you use to replace eggs?

    – Christine

  17. says

    I made this pie for Thanksgiving. It was quite an adventure. I had decided to substitute agar for the gelatin after reading that agar could be substituted equal parts for gelatin. That was so NOT TRUE. 3 tbsp of agar was waaay too much. I’m not sure exactly how much agar I ended up using, but I think it was approximately 1 tbsp in about 1/2 – 3/4 cups of water. I had to eyeball it. Luckily, the texture was ok! I also substituted raw agave nectar for the coconut sugar, because I didn’t have enough coconut sugar left over after making your delicious coffee cake. I thought the flavor was perfect, but my husband said it could have been a little bit sweeter. Next time I’m adding more stevia :) All in all though, amazing pie. The crust was incredible! Everyone loved it and couldn’t believe it was egg/gluten free. Thanks Kelly!

  18. says

    Yum! I just found this and now I can hardly wait for the shops to open tomorrow so I can go get the ingredients! I can completely understand how excited you were to see if it worked – bravo.

    x x x

  19. Barbara says

    Hi Kelly,
    Great to have another pumpkin pie option. Thank you for the recipe! We’ve been successfully cooking the one that Alisa Segersten created in her book, “The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook”. It uses agar agar and it is delicious.

  20. says

    Kelly – I made this pie a couple nights ago and found that 3T. gelatin was probably too much. Have you had that happen? It may be because I used canned pumpkin so it has less moisture than fresh. It was VERY firm. I have a filling in the fridge right now without the water or gelatin and a couple tablespoons of coconut oil added. We’ll see if that makes for a better texture.

  21. Nancy B. says

    The pie looks wonderful. Do you use coconut milk from a can or the SoDelicious stuff from the refrig. section?

  22. says

    What makes this exciting for me is being able to eat pumpkin pie in the hot days without heating up the kitchen (therefore the whole house) with the long cooking times. Just a few minutes for the crust is no big deal. Or like you said – crustless!

  23. says

    Yum! I’m off eggs for now, so it’s nice to find a non-egg recipe! I left out the stevia and could probably have left out some of the sugar too–but I have strange tastes and sweet squash. :)

  24. Anonymous says

    Thank you for sharing the recipe. Made this tonight for a birthday pie. Do you cover it in the fridge or just set it without covering.
    THank you for all your efforts. So thankful.

  25. says

    Hi Kelly! I know you’re busy but I have a quick question- I want to make this for my family’s thanksgiving dessert! Is the coconut milk canned or the thinner drinking kind (like So Delicious in the tetraboxes?) Thank you so much!

  26. Anonymous says

    Thank you so very much for posting this recipe! One or our granddaughters, in kindergarten this year, has many food restrictions, including dairy, eggs, gluten, nuts, squash, and soy. I substituted red yams for the pumpkin and she was able to have “pumpkin” pie with the rest of her class, and will have some more tomorrow for Thanksgiving. I so deeply appreciate your sharing your recipies.


  27. says

    Hi. This pie tastes great! My daughter is allergic to nuts so I subbed the almond meal for quinoa flour and added a couple of tablespoons of coconut milk to the dough. I couldn’t really roll it out but it spread nicely on the pie dish. Thanks for a wonderful recipe!

  28. Judi says

    If you use 1/2 cup dates in the pie crust and leave out the baking powder and soda (which are harmful) you won’t need to bake the crust. I have made many that way and they are super delicious with no chemicals. Judi

  29. Anonymous says

    If you use 1/2 cup dates in the pie crust and leave out the baking powder and soda (which are harmful) you won’t need to bake the crust. I have made many that way and they are super delicious with no chemicals. Judi

  30. Juanita says

    I just made and ate this pumpkin pie. WOW was this great. Everyone at the table had a some and all agreed that it was not good for healthy it was just great as a dessert. Thank you so much.

  31. Anonymous says

    Hi, I’m from Australia so pumpkin pie isn’t huge over here (I have only tried it once before)… But I just made your recipe and it was AMAZING! Soo tasty! I can’t get over that crust… Best gluten free crust I have ever eaten. Thank you!!

  32. Kim says

    This is my (and my family’s!) absolute favorite pumpkin pie recipe and I make it every Thanksgiving. The first year, I followed the recipe as written and it was waaaaay to firm. I then switched to 1 T gelatin and that works perfectly with canned pumpkin. I’ve been using a pecan nut crust for the past couple of years and it’s absolute perfection! Thanks, Kelly!

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