Fall, beautiful fall… Rocky Mountain Pumpkin Ranch

We went to Rocky Mountain Pumpkin Ranch for the second time today. I could go every day :-)

I bought one of these white pumpkins that my mother-in-law recommended, and baked it. I have a pie made with it in the oven as we speak. Smells amazing in here.

The pumpkin and squash are so beautiful. I have no words.
And isn’t the market as cute as a button?! Red walls and furniture, concrete floors, and corn hanging from the ceiling.
They sell cider and juice by the Colorado Cherry Company. It’s 100% juice—no added sugar.
We have a tradition of buying two little cherry juice bottles and drinking them outside.
If the pumpkin pie with the white pumpkin comes out, I’ll post it. I thought I’d make a baked pumpkin pie with eggs this time. We’ll see…
♥, Kelly


  1. Charlene says

    I am sooo jealous! Living in Southern California, finding a pumpkin patch can be a day long drive. Your going to have me wanting to move to Colorado! Every time you post pics of your town my heart aches for a small town to live in again. Can’t wait to find out if the white pumpkin pie turned out!

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