Pioneer Village, Minden, Nebraska

Yesterday before leaving Kearney and driving home to Longmont, we went to Pioneer Village. It was so great. I’m going to stick to food related photos for this post, with the exception of the first two. I just had to show you a couple of the cars—my favorite part of the museum.

How badly do I wish they made new cars that look like these?!
Above: A sod house!
Above: The kitchen inside the sod house.
Above: Toasters and waffle makers. The new four slice toaster in my kitchen now looks just like these antiques.
Above: Reminds me of the Aga Stoves they make today. Just more ornate.
Love this one above.

These ads crack me up.
Zoe, posing like the old ads.
1950’s pink and brown ovens

They had a million salt and pepper shakers.
My favorites were the peas in a pod :-)
There was so much more than I’m posting here, of course. They had planes, trolleys, trains, and dishes displayed by decade, to name a few.
If you decide to take a trip to Pioneer Village I highly recommend Microtel Inn & Suites. It didn’t have a pool, but the suite we stayed in was new, clean, hip, and had a little kitchenette.

♥, Kelly


  1. says

    What a great trip you all had! I remember going to Pioneer Village when I was a little girl growing up in Nebraska and wanting to be Laura Ingalls! :)Pioneer Village was heaven on earth! Cool place!

    Ha, I also just realized that my kitchen stove is a gas version of those ones in the museum you took pictures of. ha! 😉 Retro is in, right?

  2. Aimee says

    Just found your blog and ran across your trip to Pioneer Village. I went there many times growing up as my grandparents lived only 10 miles from there. Memories!

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