BOP, Boulder Organic Pizza, gluten-free and meeting the Segersten family

One of our best friends moved to Texas this week. We’re really going to miss her, but I’m also excited for her. The night before she left she came over to wish the girls a happy birthday (Ashley just turned 6 and Zoe just turned 8) and see us one last time. She also brought this gluten-free pizza from Boulder.

It’s from a place called Bop (Boulder Organic Pizzeria). This is a gluten-free crust with a pizza called, The Beet. They describe it as, “Home made Cannellini Bean Sauce, Roasted Beets, Garlic, Chilli Flakes, Fresh Basil & Olive Oil.” It was delish.

Then my friend Ali, of Nourishing Meals and I got to meet in person for the first time! :-) It was total bliss. We just loved Ali and Tom and their kids! Such a thrill :-)

We took them to one of our favorite gluten-free spots in Longmont, Sun Rose Cafe. We went to Left Hand Creek and played in the water. And we hung out at our house. Tom made fabulous green smoothies. Ali brought her homemade cookies and truffles that are amazing. I made them a few of the recipes that will be in my next cookbook.
…What can I say? It was so much fun!!!
The beautiful Ali and I on my porch :-)
Tom and the kids listening to a book on record.
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    BOP is sooo good. I took my husband there to celebrate his birthday. I can’t wait to go back to try other delicious food and wine.

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    This is so precious. Both you and Ali are two of the people who have influenced my life greatly in the past year, and picturing the two of you together is wonderful. I love it.

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    How fun! You two sure have a pile of kids between the two of you! so cute.

    PS – I’m going to add that BOP to Go Dairy Free if we don’t already have it up and link to you. Thanks for posting about it!

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    She will have to gear up for these hot Texas summers, I know. I have been living here for my whole life. So hot!

    BTW, that pizza looks totally cool and incredibly interesting and unique. I’m going to have to try and make something like that, gluten free, of course!

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    Oh, how wonderful … all of it! Love every photo of you all and that you had such a grand time together! :-) The BOP beet pizza looks really cool, too! :-)

    Woohoo on the email subscription, too! Now I won’t get behind any more. ;-)


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    Hi Kelly,

    I have some friends who will be visiting us and then family is Boulder next week. Maybe I can talk them into bringing us a BOP pizza. yum!

    Happy birthday to your girls and happy memories to you as you celebrate them. =)

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