Birthday cake photo from a friend :-)

Look how great this looks! It’s my Vanilla Bean Cake with Whipped Topping (p 32 in my The Spunky Coconut Cookbook). My friend made it and emailed me this photo, and it just makes my heart sing =)

She said, “Attached is another picture of your bean cake – this time it was my birthday cake and I put your whipped frosting from your book on it. Yummmmy.”
Thanks hon! Happy Birthday! XOXO


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    OH WOW!! What a beautiful and yummy looking cake that is!!! I plan on trying this out just to do it. Thanks to your friend for sharing! It looks so summer-like and perfect for the 4th of July…actually my mom’s birthday is on the 5th and this just looks perfect!!

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    Everyone I know has a birthday in May for some reason. Mine is on the 21st, and two of my siblings are also in this month (along with various friends).

    I’m still trying to decide on what sort of cake I want this year. Vanilla Bean, coconut flour, completely raw, or even a cake at all? I have a couple of weeks, but it’s still on my mind.

    By the way, that is an excellent cake! I’m sure I am echoing your statements, but it is beautiful!

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    Heidi, I think you will love it. No one who has made it yet didn’t =)

    Fayinagirl, LOL

    Millie, =)

    Brandon, Mine is May 23 =)

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