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I’m beginning to think the sky’s the limit with these dehydrated veggie cakes. We’ve made them two different ways, and the possibilities are looking endless. The one on top I’m calling Garden Veggie. The one below I’m calling Spicy Tomato Veggie, although you could easily make it mild too. Next I’m planning on using some soaked almonds and sesame seeds in place of the beans, and I haven’t decided on a flavor yet. Suggestions? Leave a comment and let me know =)

When I first told people about these “burgers” (before I began calling them cakes) one of two things came to mind. 1) Eww. Veggie burgers are gross. (people are used to the store-bought kind) And 2) Why not just bake or saute them? (a dehydrated burger does not sound appealing—thoughts of fruit leather come to mind)
The truth is, these burgers/cakes are different from the store-bought kind in taste and texture. They’re more like a potato pancake—soft and fluffy. As for why I don’t cook them, let me explain.
You may notice we try to eat as much uncooked food as possible. The reason is that cooking kills a lot of the vitamins and nutrients in raw food. This is a crucial point for seeds which contain essential fatty acids, omega 3 and 6, like hemp, flax and chia seeds. While I appreciate the value of chia and flax meal as a substitute for eggs in my egg-free recipes, I know that when I bake these seeds, I am destroying their essential fatty acids (EFAs).
We’re all vitamin deficient and EFA deficient to some degree, but in my family, we know it best by our daughter, Ashley. Since Ashley has been regularly tested for deficiencies, we are very conscious of eating as many whole, lightly cooked or uncooked foods as we can to replenish these vitamins and EFAs. By dehydrating these cakes rather than cooking we are keeping all the vitamins and EFAs from the vegetables and seeds in tact. I love that. And the improvement we’ve seen in Ashley due to diet and biomedical treatments alone (she has been off therapies for several years now) is abundant. Go Ashley, go Ashley =D

Garden Veggie Cakes

Add to food processor:
3 tbsp sundried tomatoes
1.5 cups fresh spinach
1 tbsp onion
2 carrots, chopped
1 rib of celery, chopped
1.5 cups black beans (I make mine myself by soaking dry beans for up to 24 hours, rinsing well and cooking them)
1/8 to 1/4 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp sea salt
2 tbsp Hemp Seeds
2 tbsp Chia Seeds meal (I grind it in my coffee grinder—1 tbsp seeds = 2 tbsp meal)
1/2 to 1 cup almond meal flour
Form into patties and dehydrate between 105 and 125 degrees for about 5 hours.

Spicy Tomato Veggie Cakes

Add to food processor:
1/4 cup sundried tomatoes
1 cup black beans
3 to 4 tbsp mild or medium salsa
1/2 cup more black beans (I make mine myself by soaking dry beans for up to 24 hours, rinsing well and cooking them)
2 carrots, chopped
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1/8 tsp cumin powder
1/2 tsp sea salt
1/4 cup Hemp Seeds
1/4 cup Chia Seed meal (I grind it in my coffee grinder—2 tbsp seeds = 4 tbsp meal, or 1/4 cup)
1/2 to 1 cup almond meal flour
Form into patties and dehydrate between 105 and 125 degrees for about 5 hours.
Click for the link to my dehydrator, the Nesco American Harvest
Also, see this video on why raw hemp seeds & chia seeds rock!


  1. says

    Go Ashley Go and Go Mommy Go! She is lucky to have you as her Mommy. So lucky! I am so glad I found your blog. Just made the cashew sour cream again this weekend. SO GOOD!

  2. says

    How do you get tested for deficiencies?
    What do the deficiencies test for? How do you know if you have deficiencies? Are there symptoms? I’m wondering if some of my health problems might be caused or at least worsened by deficiencies but I’ve never been tested for deficiencies except for like vitamin d…which I am sure I am low in. Thanks for the help! :)

    Love, Ari @ The Frugally Rich Life

  3. says

    Thanks Pam!

    Thanks Maggie!

    Ari, We test for deficiencies with blood tests. Ashley has “magic mayo” numbing cream for her MB12/Folinic Acid shots, so we put that on her an hour before and she doesn’t feel a thing :-) An alternative doc would know what tests and symptoms, like a naturopath or DAN! doc.

  4. says

    It’s official–I have to get a dehydrator, lol! These “burgers” are amazing; soy free (yay!) and almost raw–I cannot wait to try these.

  5. Saskia says

    Kelly, loving the raw recipes! How about a “mexican” flavor burger?
    Also, an MD or DO (both are complete physicians) trained in functional medicine/integrative holistic medicine would be able to help test and treat deficiencies/intolerances, etc. Can go to to find MD or DO board certified in integrative medicine.

  6. says

    I like the idea of a white bean and rosemary cake, or with the seeds a hummus flavor would be nice, maybe with cumin. Have you ever tried soaking and sprouting the beanss, then they would be raw. I don’t know how that would affect the taste.
    You look very fit, but do you have any suggestions for weight management? I don’t believe in “move more, eat less”. How could nuts and seeds be bad for you because they are more calorie dense? And I do exercise.

  7. says

    Thanks guys!

    Kelli, Have you heard that nuts and seeds are bad or fattening? I don’t think that is true. All of the nutritionist, osteopath and naturopathic doctors I know are big fans of nuts and seeds. =) What I do avoid as much as possible is carbs. That’s why I use beans and high protein flours like coconut and almond =)

  8. Nancy says

    I just tried the Garden Veggie cakes; they were wonderful. The dried tomato flavor was especially good. These seem like they’d be good for traveling. How do you store them?

  9. says

    Thanks Joyce!

    Thanks Nancy! I’m happy to hear that! I keep them in the fridge, but I bet they would freeze well, wrapped in parchment paper and then plastic :-)

  10. says

    I am so glad that a friend recommended your blog! It’s fantastic! I’ve got a batch of Garden Veggie cakes and a batch of Teriyaki cakes in the dehydrator now. I can’t wait! One quick question… how long will these store in the fridge? I’m new to raw foods so I’m still trying to figure it all out. Thanks! :)

  11. Staci says

    Hi Kelly! I’m interested in dehydrating and had a question. Can you freeze things that have been dehydrated? I’m big on making as much as possible and freezing to save me time and curious if this is an option with dehydrating.

  12. says

    Hi Kelly! As soon as I get home, these are going on the must make list along with your granola. Funny thing is I took my dehydrator out a few weeks ago with the intention of using it more. Thank you!!!! You’re da’ bomb diggety bomb!!

  13. Nancy B. says

    I keep meaning to say how much I enjoy these cakes. They’re the best veggie burger I’ve tried. And they’re a complete food. I could live on these things. I’ve tried cooking them in a pan and in the oven and dehydrating is by far the best. Yum.

  14. Donna says

    LOVING this offering…Question….Have you adapted this recipe to use seeds (or nuts) as a bean/legume replacement?…I am have a primal way of eating…and I do not usually have beans (except haricots verts) as they are the only ones I digest with any success…could I do these with green beans?

    Thank you for your culinary wizardry…so very appreciated.

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