How to roll out and transfer my gluten free pie crust

Hi everyone! We’ve made my gluten free pie crust from the Goji Cacao Pie recipe quite a few times now, and as Andy says while eating it, “I can’t believe this crust is gluten-free.” It’s so good. But like some of you, I find the dough can break sometimes, and this makes it hard to transfer the crust to the dish. The reason is because this dough is made with whole, healthy ingredients. There isn’t a ton of oil or shortening, there isn’t any gum, and of course, there isn’t any gluten. :-) Lacking these ingredients that are binding, I thought this dough deserved a little video. Now you can see how to make this crust work, because it tastes so good I don’t want you to miss out on it! Cheers, Kelly

Click for the Pie Crust Recipe.


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    That’s fantastic, Kelly! I’ve had so much trouble rolling out gf crusts.

    And your girls (and you!) are adorable. Great tutorial.

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    Thanks for the video! I’ll have to give this a try.

    Have you ever tried ground chia seeds in the filling? I find the tapioca pearl-like quality of whole chia seeds kind of off-putting and have wondered if grinding the seeds would help.

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    Thanks Liz!

    Thanks Ali!

    Thanks CV! I have been using flax seed meal and chia seed meal pretty interchangeably in these egg-free recipes (but half as much chia meal as flax meal). I get the chia seeds from the link in the post, and I grind them in my coffee grinder to make meal. Cheers, Kelly

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    I stumbled across your page via Facebook and another friend enjoying your food via another friend. Thank you God!! I am in the process of transitioning my family to a gluten free, wheat free, dairy free diet (due to allergies) and I have been so intimidated by cooking all of a sudden that I almost gave up in the kitchen and I am not a bad cook, just didn’t really know how to think from this new angle. Anyhow, watching your videos is giving me hope. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

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