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    These look fantastic and easy! Thanks for another great recipe, Kelly. Any thoughts on a substitute for the coconut flour? I have a ton of other gf flours in the house, but haven’t ventured into baking with coconut flour yet.

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    Thanks Kimberly! I’m kind of a big fan of coconut flour 😉 haha But if you try to substitute it, let us know how it goes :-) You will most likely need more of other GF flours because coconut flour expands (one reason I love it so much).

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    Thank you so much for the video! I am new to GF, and recently found your site, and have been wondering what the dough should look like when it’s ready to form into buns, bagels, etc. Now I know! Thanks again :)

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    Thanks so much for all your resources and time. Trying your recipes out, cream cheese, and bagel. One tip, for beginngers who need as much guidance,it would be helpful, to tip the bowl and show us, how the batter looks, or how long you mixed for. THanks again, the videos are so helpful! Great tip for the oil on back of stove as well. Thanks

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