Chocolate Monster Cookies gluten-free, egg-free


This weekend I had a craving for my gluten-fee Monster Cookies, but I thought I would try making them chocolate. So I substituted cocoa powder for the coconut flour. They came out really yummy, but if you’re looking for a dark chocolate cookie, the one in my cookbook (page 156) is darker. These were more like “milk chocolate.” Next time I may also substitute cocoa powder for half of the quinoa flakes, just to see how that
would be.

I pressed the dough out as flat as I could with my hands on unbleached parchment paper and used our heart shaped cookie cutter. I meant to update the Monster Cookies post about using cookie cutters for this recipe. We used it for Santa’s cookies on Christmas Eve, and it worked well. It’s easier to use cookie cutters on this dough if you leave out the nuts, but I like the cookies better with the nuts, so I keep them in.


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    Very, very cute, and yummy-looking, too! I really need to try some more of your wonderful recipes in this new year. I have been a bit chicken to try anything new out as I still don’t have all my intolerances squared away, and therefore I am subsisting on boring stuff. That’s gotta change, though. :) This post inspires me to really need to get out and hunt down some ingredients and give myself a treat. Wish me luck!

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