frozen blended Nutcracker Sweet tea latte

This is my family’s favorite holiday drink. Here is the recipe as it appears in my first cookbook, and in my blog post from last holiday season. However, it’s not a perfect science. Sometimes I freeze the tea and pour the cashew milk over, rather than the other way around. Sometimes I measure the liquid and count the cubes, and sometimes I just throw it all in the blender. You really can’t mess it up. When we have friends over for the holidays, we always serve this to them. They all love it, especially the kids, who come back for more. You can also add a little liqueur to the grown up version if you want.

Dairy-free Nutcracker Sweet Tea Latte

Add to blender:
9 cubes of frozen cashew milk (How to Make Cashew Milk Video)
1 tbsp honey
10 drops vanilla liquid stevia
2 cups chilled Nutcracker Sweet Tea, by Celestial Seasonings
a dash of cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice


Ooo! I just had the thought that this would make awesome ice cream. I think I’ll try that.


  1. says

    Thanks! I hope you try it!

    I’m always on the look out for glasses and ceramics for photos, so when I saw these, made in the USA (and a dollar each!) I had to buy two 😉

  2. kris says

    Making this in the morning! What a beautiful photo! Is your tree up already?! Where did you get it? Love your blog!

  3. says

    Thanks Lauren!

    I know you will love it, Kris! We got our tree at The Flower Bin in Longmont —only $20! It isn’t shaped as it grows up, so it has a natural look, as if we cut it ourselves.

  4. says

    Kelly! This looks amazing! How long does cashew milk last in the freezer? I made it for the first time a week ago (cahsew milk that is) and I LOVED it. I didn’t drink it fast enough and never thought to freeze it. I’m catching on to this…hopefully lol

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