Detoxing Nuts, & Breaking Down Enzyme Inhibitors

I’ve talked about soaking nuts in the past. This is done to break down the enzyme inhibitors, making them easier to digest. There is another reason for soaking them as well—toxins. Soaking nuts that are not organic in a gallon of water with a few tablespoons of lemon juice for several hours pulls out a lot of the gross stuff, like presumably pesticides.

Of course, the best thing to do is only buy organic. But I’ve soaked both organic and non-organic nuts exactly this way, and the stuff that comes out of the non-organic nuts is really gross. I took a picture of the non-organic nut soaking water below to show you.
Now, before you start saying, “That’s just the lemon juice making it that color” let me tell you: It isn’t. :-) First of all, I only use about 3 tablespoons of lemon juice per gallon or so of water, which isn’t nearly enough to cause this color. And secondly, this liquid isn’t only yellow, it’s opaque. You can’t see through it at all. That’s disgusting.
After I dispose of the filthy water, I soak the nuts for another few hours in fresh water. When the time is up, I strain and rinse one more time before dehydrating them in my Nesco dehydrator. My advice: Buy organic nuts. But if, once in a while, you don’t buy organic, try my technique.


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    I’ve heard that non-organic nuts may have starches added to them to prevent them from sticking to each other. That might explain the colour the of water after soaking.

    Glad I buy organic nuts!

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    I was wondering what the Ewww was regarding soaking nuts when I saw your tweet because I know how much you value soaking nuts … now I know. A friend (the one who showed me your book a while back) soaked walnuts for a salad at last month’s meeting and besides removing toxins and the enzyme inhibitors, the walnuts just tasted so much better. I’ve had soaked almonds and cashews and they just taste sweeter to me. And, sweet is good … naturally sweet especially. Of course, it’s clear right away, that they digest better. If I remember correctly the enzyme inhibitors are part of the nut built in by nature to keep birds from eating them. Very interesting, huh?


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    I believe California is now pasteurizing all their almonds to make them “safer”. The almonds coming from CA are therefore not raw. Have your heard if this makes the soaking process ineffective?

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