pretty glass storage containers

Here’s a little throw back for ya :-) I just completed giving my kitchen a glass tile backsplash (click over to the spunky family journal for more on that), and so I decided a few new pretty glass storage containers were needed. Yes, “needed!” haha! I’ve been covering my cakes with a stainless mixing bowl, turned upside down, for as long as I can remember, and sometimes I need my bowl… as a bowl, for mixing! :-) I’ve actually been searching for an old glass cake plate with a lid, but so far I haven’t found one, which is why last night I went and got a new one at Bed Bath and Beyond, for only $10. I think it looks retro though, and Zoe said, “It’s like Luke’s!” -that would be Luke’s diner, from our favorite show, The Gilmore Girls. :-)

I guess the glass containers, circa 1970’s, were not so much of a need. Okay. But I found them at the thrift store, and I just had to have them. They have tomatoes and mushrooms on them, and I think my grandma had the same ones. Or was it my friend’s grandma? Anyway, Andy said his grandma had the glasses that came from the same line. Plus they’re my colors: orange and green; though I also use blue. What can I say, I’m crazy for color ;-) It’s all my area rug’s fault: orange, green and blue. But it’s too fun, I love it!
What’s your favorite countertop item?


  1. says

    The backsplash and your accessories look great. I loved Zoe’s comment .. Luke’s indeed!

    Favorites on my counter: a very old handmade basket that was used to collect eggs that we now keep fruit in. A reproduction Domino sugar tin–colorful and bright … I keep wooden spoons, etc. in it. Stainless steel drying rack–the best. And, too much other stuff … LOL


  2. says

    What a great thrift store find! Better than storing in plastic too, huh? My favorite counter top item is definitely the coffee maker. Keeps me going! ;)

  3. says

    so so cute. love them. meant to say how much i loved it when i saw you yesterday. i love that they travel, too. :)

    my fav is going to have to be to be my ice cream maker that i am buying today! ;) (although, i’m sure i won’t keep it on my counter all the time) that still counts, right?

  4. Martha says

    Wow, I love this site…and everything coconut too!

    Does anyone have a good source for buying nuts(raw, unpasteurized) for raw recipes?

    My glass straw fell on floor and shattered, so I’ll have to give the stainless steel ones a try!

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