Chocolate Frosted Coconut Cookies

coconut-cookiesThese coconut cookies are the beginning of what I hope will be a very long and happy relationship between me and coconut palm sugar 😉 I found out about coconut palm sugar a few months ago, and I’ve been looking for the best quality at the best price ever since. Yesterday I finally bought a bag at my local health food store. It is 1 pound, organic, and it cost $9.50. I also found 2 pounds bulk organic online, for $14.50 (see link at the bottom of this post), but the shipping was going to be $8.00. What to do, what to do? :-) I think that next time I’m going to see if I can get some of my local friends to go in on an order with me, so we can get more and split the shipping. Or see if the local health food store where I got it will sell me a box at a discount, etc.

Anyway, have any of you used coconut palm sugar? I’m SO excited about it! It’s low glycemic index and it tastes really good. I made these delicious dehydrated frosted coconut cookies, that remind me a lot of a certain famous chocolate covered coconut candy bar with an almond on top… :-)

Chocolate Frosted Coconut Cookies

Add to pan over low heat till just dissolved:
1/2 cup coconut milk
1/4 cup coconut sugar
2 tsp vanilla extract
12 drops vanilla liquid stevia
optional: 1/2 tsp mint extract

Pour liquids into bowl containing:
1.5 cups shredded coconut
1 tbsp chia seed meal (this is the glue that binds it together)
optional: 1/2 cup slivered almonds

Stir to combine.

Roll into balls and flatten slightly.
Place on dehydrator tray with liner.
Dehydrate at about 115 degrees for two hours.
They will be chewy and moist the first day, and slightly drier one second day.

optional: Top with ganache: 1 to 1 ratio of melted chocolate and milk (I use coconut milk)
Click for more info on organic coconut palm sugar.


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    Curious, I have been looking for the coconut sugar myself and *think* that my Whole Foods might have it. I only say that because a friend was able to locate it there in Houston, and I assume if they don’t have it they can at least get it. Anyway…can I ask if you were able to make sure it was 100% coconut sugar? I know that it is hard to do when looking for it other places (like Indian food stores) as they often cut it with cane or date palm sugar. I just want the coconut!

    Recipe looks divine!

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    Do you know how agave compares to coconut sugar in the glycemic index? I am totally going to make this! Do you use unsweetend chocolate for the ganache? Do you have Azure Standard where you live? They have coconut sugar crystals (( am wondering if it is the same product) 14 ounces for $4.65 on sale. I bought your book and am waiting for it to arrive!

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    Hi Marissa!

    It says the only ingredient is “sweet watery sap cut from flower buds of organic coconut” on the one I bought at my local health food store. Also, I think the one I put in the link at the bottom is 100% as well.

    Hi Kimi! I’m so excited about it! Good to know you love it!

    Hi Kelli!

    I stopped using agave when I found out how it was processed, but I think both coconut sugar and agave are about 35 on the glycemic index. Thanks so much for buying the book!!

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    These look really good. We’ve used coconut sugar as well but not very much because Sophie couldn’t have coconut. But now that we’ve recently been able to introduce coconut, I want to replace the organic cane sugar with coconut sugar.

    Did you buy the one in a bulk bag at Vitamin Cottage? I thought mine had just said “coconut sugar” but maybe it did say “coconut palm sugar.” I do know that it said that it was *just* from coconut, not mixed with anything else.

    For some reason Sophie can only do honey in small quantities. I’ll have to ask Dr. Hamilton about that. If she has it too much she starts to react. I guess it could be the flowers/pollen that the bees harvest on?

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    these look great kelly! I love coconut palm sugar- i’ve used it in thai desserts a lot. if you have any asian grocery stores around you, you might be able to find it cheaper there. i paid only a few dollars for it at one near me.

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    Thanks Angela! You could try baking them on your oven’s lowest setting for a short time. Or even sun dry them! :-) Also, I know some people who found dehydrators on craigslist for next to nothing too.

    Thanks Heather! That would be so great if Sophie could have coconut products! I bet you’re right about the honey, and where the bees have been affecting her allergies. Also, the bag does just say coconut sugar I think, and I put the ingredient as it’s written on the bag, in the comment above.

    Thanks Noosh! And I actually just got a call from a friend, who saw this post, and offered to have me join her co-op here. -The co-op gets organic coconut sugar, just like the one I bought, in bulk for such a good bargain. I will have to do a post about it soon. They are in multiple states.

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    Hi Kelly

    I would love to join you on the quest for some bulk coconut sugar -consider me officially “in” – that is, if you still need someone to go in with :) I started using it last year – and I LOVE it. From the research I did – I found that it has a Glycemic index of 35. Agave is slightly lower (by 2 points or so). I haven’t seen it anywhere besides Vitamin Cottage in very small bags. These cookies look delish !

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    I buy coconut sugar at any of the several Asian grocery stores in my area. It’s $1.99 for 16oz. It comes in a small jar and it’s almost rock solid but I still love it!

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    $9.50 for a pound of organic coconut palm sugar? I’m not sure if that is normal, but at my local grocery store I can get a pound (for now, anyway) for $4.95. I will send you some so you won’t have to pay so much! Lol; your recipes are amazing, by the way, and incredibly inspiring.

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    I found the coconut sugar at Nuts on Line, where I buy my chia seeds. Had to search for “palm sugar” to discover it. I’m looking forward to trying this, especially in my backpacking recipes! I’ll be sure to make a link to you on my backpacking food blog

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    Hi —

    IHERB has a brand called Sweet Tree Palm sugar which is $4.79 for a pound. When you purchase over $40 shipping is free. They have many products that you probably use that you can get there. (Your stevia, some gluten free flours, etc.)

    At Whole Foods and our health food store it was under $5.00 so surprised you do not find it in your area.

    I eat low carb but often would love to taste what you make. Everything you make looks beautiful & delectable. And enjoy seeing at least.


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