Blueberry Dairy-Free Parfait

As we speak, my husband is devouring the blueberry parfait in this photograph, and I keep hearing comments like, “Oh, this is so good.” And getting my meat-and-cake-eating-man to eat anything fresh and uncooked means it must be true! :-)

What’s also really nice about this blueberry parfait (besides how healthy it is) is that it took just minutes to whip up. I put the cashews in a bowl of water before I went to sleep last night, and when I got up, I rinsed them well, and pureed them with 4 other ingredients, before putting the cream in the fridge to chill. Six or so hours later, and it’s ready to serve. Super easy, super delicious.

If you’re thinking about adding coconut oil to your diet, check out this article by Bruce Fife, N.D.

Blueberry Dairy-Free Parfait

Soak 1/2 cup plain organic cashews in water over night or about 8 hours.
Rinse well and strain. Add cashews to food processor with:
1/2 cup coconut oil, liquified
1/4 cup honey
Puree about 2 minutes.

1/4 tsp vanilla liquid stevia
2/3 cup coconut milk (not “lite”)

Puree till smooth and creamy. Chill for six hours or more. Serve layered with fresh blueberries.


  1. says

    Looks nice!
    Lately, I’m very much into parfaits, “granolas” (I can crumble just about anything but coconut flour bread, almond butter blondies & paleo cookies work best) and bread puddings (using coconut flour bread or almond flour bread).
    Do you reuse the cashews’ soaking water when blending the nuts in the food processor? (this part is not too clear).
    Thanks ;).

  2. says

    Thanks -M! Dessert, breakfast -aren’t they the same? LOL It’s sweet and it’s healthy. I eat it for both :-)

    Thanks Alchemille! I rinse the cashews in fresh water and strain them. I don’t use their soaking water. I made a couple changes so that hopefully it will be more clear. I’m glad you told me! Thanks!

    Thanks Stephanie! I also use it with strawberries and blackberries, if you have those. My husband spent his childhood summers picking and eating wild blueberries on Lake George in upstate NY. They are soooo good! (I’ve been to visit, so I can confirm this too :-))

  3. says

    That looks so good!!! I have a ton of blueberries I’m going to try making that tonight. Thanks!! BTW I love your post about your camping trip – you know whenever I go on a trip it’s all about the food for me & I pack my cooler before I pack my suitcase :) That’s great you were able to find so many places to get healthy food along the way.

  4. says

    Hi! This looks delicious! My friend, April, just turned me on to your website. Great info! We are doing a lot of raw, dairy & gluten free too!

  5. Jennifer says

    This looks great; however, cashews do NOT agree with me. Is there another nut. I can substitute?

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