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    Just wondering with the addition of the coconut oil does the cake taste better or bake better? I made your original recipe and it was great w/o it. I finally ordered coconut oil we have been out for 2 months – if it is a lot better with the oil then I’ll try it but as I said we enjoyed the orig. recipe :)

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    Hi Palmer! I also made it without oil, probably 4 times, and I ended up adding it this time, not for taste, but because I thought the outside got a little too dry sometimes, almost like a crust on the cake. I attributed this dry outer skin to it needing more moisture. I think it helped, but perhaps it could use even more oil. I just don’t know -the recipe is so good already.

    Cheers, Kelly

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    Oh my gosh, that cake looks incredible! Seriously good. And I’m glad to find out about organic coconut sugar. Seems I’ve heard about that before (maybe from you), but I had forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder. It sounds good.

    Thanks for the recipe. I’ll definitely be trying this one. Yum!

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    I agree with the comment above this post about the almond muffins. They are the best ever. Every time I make them, they are all gone before the end of the day, mostly eaten by me.

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    That cake is incredible looking. You missed my BD (it was the 17th) … I know I was out of town though–can I still get a cake? Kidding, of course … well, sort of. 😉

    Beautiful, Kelly! I bet you had one happy BD girl!

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    Hi Kelly,
    I made this cake last week as cupcakes for my diabetic friend. I replaced the honey with a mashed banana and a drop more of vanilla stevia. I also didn’t have coconut flour so just used 2/3 cup of brown rice flour with a 1/4 tsp corn starch. It was a lovely moist, light and fluffy cake crumb and the rich chocolate frosting gave it just the right punch of sinfulness. It was a crowd pleaser for sure. Great job!

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    Hi Kelly!
    My daughter is turning 5 on Sunday and we’re having a cupcake decorating party. We have some friends coming you cannot have gluten and we really want everyone to have a delicious cupcake to enjoy. Have you made cupcakes with this recipe? Also, I don’t have any stevia on hand and in case I can’t get out to get any, is there a substitute for that?

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