how to make almond milk video

Forgot to say, make sure you strain the soaked almonds and fill your blender with fresh water, up to the top cup line (32 oz). The soaking water contains all the enzyme inhibitors, so you wouldn’t want to drink it.
Use the wet almond meal for cookies—pages 150 & 156 in my The Spunky Coconut Cookbook.

Click for the link to nut milk bags.

Click for the link to this glass jug with the extra wide opening.


  1. Ravitte K says

    Hi Kelly,

    Thanks for the Almond milk video. It was not clear to me what kind of almonds you are using. Is it grounded with skin? Do you grind them yourself? And if so, how?

    Ravitte Kentwortz
    We met at Longmont park.

  2. says

    Hi Ravitte,

    I use whole or slivered blanched almonds usually. I buy them that way, I don’t blanch them myself. I also use whole almonds with skin sometimes.

    Hope to see you again soon! -Kelly

  3. says

    Thanks Shirley! It’s not perfect, but that’s okay with me :-) I did mess up and say pour into the blender, when I was pouring into the jug, but oh well. It’s good enough 😉

  4. says

    Hi Kelly;
    Thanks for the email clarification on the Almond Milk for me.. I made it tonight and it turned out great. I substituted Agave Nectar for the Stevia and loved it.. Now to use the almond mill :-)

  5. says

    hi kelly,
    do you soak your almonds in the fridge or on the counter top? does it matter? we live in FL and while the ac is on, the temp does fluctuate, wasn’t sure if that made them go rancid? Thanks!!

  6. Erica says

    Kelly thank you for this video. I buy cases and cases of Almond Dream and want to just make my own. Thank you again. Erica

  7. says

    Kelly, thanks for the great video! I just found out I am casein intolerant (as well as egg, wheat, and oat), and I’d love to make this recipe. One quick question… In Nourishing Traditions it recommends soaking the almonds overnight in salted water. Do you omit the salt when soaking for almond milk?


  8. says

    Salted water is fine for soaking the almonds. I just rinse them before adding them to the blender with the fresh water. No complaints-in the digestive or taste departments.

    We finally got a Blendtec. I had a decent blender before but WOW! this makes my almond and coconut milks seem creamier…and of course, smoothies rock. No need to hit the juice place with a J name anymore.

  9. says

    Kelly, just loving your blog! There are not enough hours in the day to read and try everything.
    I have a Vitamix and am not sure how much water to use per 1 cup of almonds.

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