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Lately, pecans or walnuts, fruit, almond milk , and a drizzle of honey, have been what’s for breakfast here. Our friend, Shirley, at Gluten Free Easily, recently did a similar post about this, and at the risk of looking like a copycat, I had to jump on this healthy, delicious bandwagon! Think I’ll go eat some right now :-)

I soak my nuts, to remove the enzyme inhibitors, thus unlocking all the nutrition available in nuts, and making them easier to digest. Otherwise, well… they give me gas. There I said it ;-) So I just cover them with water before I go to bed. In the morning I rinse and dump a few times, till the water is clear. Then I season them, or as of lately, just throw them straight into the dehydrator plain.

Good morning everyone! Might I ask you, what’s for breakfast?


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    Since you asked: this morning I had pecans and walnuts, spicy kale and some roast beef. and the Trainer made coffee, bonus! The Trainer likes raw nuts in his oatmeal, but I think I’m going to try soaking and drying some and see what he thinks. Cheers!

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    We usually always have a fruit and veggie smoothie in the Vitamix (I’ve been meaning to post some of them so people can jump on the healthy smoothie bandwagon!). And we also have coconut porridge a lot. I have that recipe on my blog. We started adding some coconut milk to make it more creamy.

    And… sometimes we have foods that are normally “lunch foods” like carrot dogs (another thing I will be posting soon). My problem is that I have so many ideas and so many recipes to post, but not enough time! Especially now that I am concentrating on Sophie’s birthday.

    Some mornings call for home-made baked potato fries too :)

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    I’m about to have a cup of coffee with some hemp milk and agave right now. We got sidetracked reading The Princess and the Pea, then the phone range, and my coffee had to wait. :-)


    Love that you and Vittoria don’t stick to “breakfast foods” for breakfast! Can’t wait to see your next recipe!

    PS I never met a smoothie I didn’t like :-)

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    What a surprise to come here and see this post! I had my nut cereal this morning in fact. Kelly–You’re not a copycat … you’re just spreading the word. :-) Thank you for doing that!

    Yesterday, I had some leftover homemade potato chips (that I’d made from Karina’s recipe the other day–so easy and delicious) and an egg. Usually my breakfast is leftovers though. I really like to start my day with a good dose of protein and leftover dinner food usually does that for me. A little leftover grilled salmon usually makes me incredibly happy for breakfast.

    I do want to get on the smoothie bandwagon, too, though. Trying to get in as much spinach, kale, etc. as possible. Thanks, Heather!


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