Costco? Oh, yea!

I suspect most of you are going to read this post and let out a big, “DUH, Kelly!” But just on the off chance that some of you are living in the dark, like I was, I thought I would share my latest discovery. That and I’m just so freakin’ excited I’m bouncing off the walls!

See, we are having a really hard time paying the bills every month, like some of you may be. My love and I have been trying to figure out how to cut back on our spending, but we almost never buy anything extra. The last extra I bought was the sheets on clearance and the rods, for the girls “fort,” also known as a canopy. :-) Before that, at Christmas, we spent about 40 dollars on the kids, and we donated 40 dollars to charity. Andy and I didn’t exchange a single gift, but we didn’t mind, and our parents gave us gifts. In fact, living simply makes us very happy.
If someone offered Andy a job tomorrow, making twice what he makes being self-employed, commuting and unhappy, I would say no. We would rather have Andy work from home (happy and not commuting) and be able to live anywhere we want, than afford to buy more things. One fuel-efficient car suits us fine. I can’t even tell you what we save in gas with Andy working from home and me homeschooling!
Then our neighbor’s girls came over to play yesterday, and when their dad came to pick them up, he told me how I could really save a ton of money by shopping at Costco. Costco? I couldn’t help but think, that’s so not my style. The big warehouse full of stuff and things; yuck. But my neighbor isn’t the first person who’s been promoting Costco to me lately. In the last month about 3 of my friends have been telling me the same thing.
So today, for the sake of saving money, and having nothing else we could cut back on, Zoe, Ashley and I took a trip to the big bad Costco. We were very excited to see what we could find, and find we did! Just look at all the healthy stuff we got! I didn’t even get everything that was healthy and gluten-free in this trip, because we didn’t need it yet. Nor did I even scour ever aisle in the store, for the sake of time. That place is huge!
For about 140 dollars I was able to buy:
2 bags of Bear Naked Organic Trail Mix, 1 pound & 10 oz each
Larabar 18 pack, apple, cashew and cherry (they each ate one in the car on the way home, so now it’s actually 16 :-))
Clif Kid 24 pieces of Organic Twisted Fruit
2 MaraNatha Natural Almond Butter, 26 oz glass jars
Organic Brown and Wild rice, 3.2 pounds
2 Heinz Organic Ketchup, 44 oz each –Important Update! I found out tonight, 2/2/09, that this is NOT GLUTEN-FREE. Please see the last few comments to see!
frozen Organic Peaches, 4 pounds!
frozen Wild Alaskan Salmon, 7 fillets
frozen All Natural Crispy Waffle Fries, 4 pounds
frozen Organic Broccoli Florets, 4 pounds (I just peeked inside and they look really good)
14 large Organic Fuji Apples

It might not look like a lot from this picture, but trust me my friends, I had to stand far back to get it all in the shot. Those bags are enormous. The Ketchup and Almond Butter are twice the size of the usual kind. It’s a ton of food, I promise you!

Are you doing anything to save money that you could share with us? I welcome all the advice I can get!


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    Kelly, I haven’t ever been to Costco either but I have heard great things about it. I think Dr. Mercola even recommends it because they have several organic foods. :) So, thanks for sharing this information.

    We are trying to cut back on anything we can here too. With two tweens, our food bill is growing all the time. We are trying real hard to grocery shop only once a week. We noticed that when we go back for one or two items we end up with a few extras each time. So far, this is working out well and we have the whole week of meals planned out.


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    Check those waffle fries. I think they have wheat in them.

    I LOVE Costco. You scored some things that I’ve never seen there. I need to go shopping with you for some new ‘eyes’ on the place.


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    I was SHOCKED by all the organics I found Cathy! I’m way too excited about it :-)

    Going shopping just once a week is good advice. Sometimes I try to see how long I can wait to go, even longer than a week if I can, but that’s pushing it. Then we’re getting really creative :-)

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    I am reading and rereading these ingredients Ann, looking for the big bad wolf, and I may have found him. It contains, “modified food starch.” I googled it and they say most sources of modified food starch in the US comes from non-gluten sources, but the only sure way to know is to call the company.

    Otherwise it’s rice and corn, sea salt, onion powder, etc. Nothing else suspicious.

    Thanks for the warning! I’ll call them, then leave another comment when I find out.

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    Thanks for your comment on my WW. Mostly because I’m so happy to have found your blog! I can’t wait until I have time to sit down and read it more.

    That’s a lot of stuff, wow!! We don’t have Costco around here, and there wasn’t much of an organic selection last time I went to Sam’s.

    Your girls are absolutely *gorgeous*!!

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    i’m definitely a costco addict- i buy way too much, but it’s worth it! :) i’m jealous yours still has the lara bars- i’ve been buying the box there for the past 2 years, but now they stopped carrying it. you have to watch out with costco b/c they tend to stop carrying things all the time, so stock up on the things you love before they take them away! 😉

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    I still can’t see myself going to Costco. I know I would buy stuff we don’t need there. If I had more discipline I am sure it could be a good thing. Of course, Costco is a good 30 minutes from us next to the mall … a place I generally avoid with a passion. It’s really cool to hear about all the organics though. Anyway bravo for you for a successful shopping trip!

    Re: the waffle fries and modified food starch, with the FALCPA all wheat must be shown on the label so if the modified food starch were made from wheat, wheat would be shown. Of course, most of us know about the recent series that the Chicago Tribune did on manufacturers still hiding allergens and in the most heinous cases showing products as gluten-free when, in fact, they were not. BUT, most of the times I think we can trust the label. Still that is one reason, I do like cooking my own stuff as much as possible. Is there a waffle fry maker out there? LOL

    Saving money … With groceries … timing sales and coupons and stocking up, buying lost leader items, buying such ingredients for multiple meals now or later. I think eating simpler saves a ton of money just on its own. Otherwise, consolidating car trips. Not eating out very much. I am a thrift shop shopper, too. We have a terrific charity one near us. They raise about $150K a year for local charities and I can find great bargains. I got the dress that I wore to my hubby’s company holiday party for $1. No kidding … black velvety sheath, ankle length. I find it fun to go there, too. So that counts for the entertainment budget, right?


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    All good comments! Thanks! I plan on combining my trips to Costco, which is about 25 minutes for me, with homeschool playdates in that area. That’s good advice. Also, I am the queen of only buying what I think I need 😉 Sometimes even to the extreme, like I’ll wait till I am COMPLETELY out of tooth paste or toilet paper! LOL Let’s not call me cheap, lets say I’m “frugal.” hahaha

    And as you know from Zoe’s “new” bike, I do love the thrift stores!

    Cheers, Kelly
    PS I’d write more but they are begging for the book we’re reading – cuteness!

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    I was excited about the organic quinoa too!

    Thanks for the truth about the organic ketchup. I am shaking my head in frustration here. I just read the ingredients like 5 times, and I don’t see anything gluten. I’m so mad! How can they NOT put it on there? Girr…

    Thanks so much! Love, Kelly

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    Following the comments here … remember the FALCPA only requires that wheat be shown on the label. While most companies do show barley as well, some do not and it can be hidden in the natural flavorings. (Barley is our main “hidden” concern as rye is only in rye bread and products labeled “rye.”) It’s very disheartening and you’d think that organic ketchup would be freer of allergens than any, but not true. I didn’t know this either, Kelly, and will pass it on to my support group right away. Thanks ~M


  11. Anonymous says

    I do most of the shopping for our family of 6 because the products have always been great, as are the prices. I was recently disgusted to learn from my 11 year old that our frozen organic broccoli says “product of china”. Not good. I have bought it for years, never imagined I would have to inspect the entire label on frozen organic broccoli. Just wanted others to be aware. I have suspected green food coloring in the broccoli several times, however I just dismissed it because of my trust in Costco. I have contacted Costco and am awaiting a response.

  12. Katie says

    I know this is a very old post, however I just went to Heinz’s website and none of their ketchup products contain any gluten. They actually have a long list showing which of their products are gluten free. Just thought I’d pass that along!

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