Spotlight Cinnamon Apple Spice & Nutcracker Sweet Holiday Tea


I have been having so much fun each week with the Gluten-free Products, Spotlight Holiday Edition, which Heather is having through December 22. She is inviting all of us to join her in featuring gluten-free and allergy-free products every Monday.

I really hope you try my favorite gluten-free product of the week: Nutcracker Sweet Holiday TeaI wasn’t really crazy about this tea when it was hot, but chilled and blended with frozen cashew milk it is incredibly delicious. Like, I want to go make another one right now just talking about it, delicious. If you got something like this at Starbucks they would rob you of 4 dollars, delicious. You’ve gotta try it. Just a add to your blender:
9 cubes of frozen cashew milk
1 tbs honey
2 cups chilled Nutcracker Sweet tea
(double for two servings)
You could also spike this a little and serve it to company at a holiday party. Yum!
But, seeing as how they are marketed as gluten-free, and locally made in Boulder, I couldn’t pass up trying another holiday tea by Celestial Seasonings: Cinnamon Apple Spice herbal tea. This one is excellent hot. It will warm you up and fill you with the Christmas spirit. I just added a teaspoon of honey. Divine. 
Today I decided to make one of my favorite muffins: Quinoa Almond Muffins, to go with my breakfast drink (which you can see in the background there): frozen blended Nutcracker Sweet tea.
Note: Many coffee shop syrups, and teas, especially at the holidays, are not gluten-free. We found more than one tea which contained barley. 


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    Hey there! I love Celestial Seasoning. I haven’t personally found that many coffee shop syrups that contained gluten, though- for example, most Torani syrups are gluten-free, with the exception of Classic Caramel, Sugar Free Classic Caramel, Toasted Marshmallow and Sugar Free French Vanilla. I have found a few teas with barley malt, though…


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    I just had to leave a comment when I saw that you are gluten free, homeschool and knit! How very cool. I have three boys and a husband with celiac, we homeschool and I LOVE to knit. Oh, and my name is Kelly too! LOL!

    Nice to meet you. :)

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    Hi Kelly!

    LOL That is so funny! Nice to meet you too! I love the holiday images on your blog! (and your family looks great too!)

    Cheers, Kelly

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    This sounds so good, actually most of your recipes are…like…my kind of food! I love smoothies, and lattes, and deserts! I think I have or will have all of your recipes bookmarked!~

    I don’t think I have found a blog or website for that matter like yours!-and trust me I have been looking for months! You are the only one I have been able to find that is gf/cf/sf and soy free! You have cornered the market on that girl!

    Well I made my first food co-op order (they are like way less than amazon on much of their stuff) and soon what I could not get from the co-op I will probably order on amazon. My only question to you is were do you get your liqueurs from? Would a natural market have them? Or do you have a place online you order from?

    Thanks for listening,

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    Oh my gosh, I love you! I couldn’t ask for more! Too bad you’re so far away from me, or we could hang out and eat our yummy healthy food together :-)

    I just got my liqueur at a local place, after trying to figure out the whole gluten/alcohol thing. I thought I was clear, but now I forget! The one I have met my safety criteria when I bought it :-)

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    Oh dear Lord Kelly I just realized liqueur is to make this drink an alcoholic drink…so my bad! I thought it was like an extract type of ingredient. No wonder I could not find it on Amazon. Well I love hazelnut ANYTHING (well just about) so I think I will just get hazelnut stevia liquid instead…since I don’t drink, but you probably got that from my lack of even knowing what a liqueur even was. That must have sounded so funny me asking if you got it online!-I crack myself up!

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