Frozen Sunbutter Fudge

sunbutter-fudgeMy daughter has struggled with yeast overgrowth in her body, so we avoid peanuts, which grow in the ground and carry fungus (not that this mold is really good for any of us). I came up with this recipe using Sunbutter (sunflower seed butter) because it has a similar taste to peanut butter and everyone loves it. We have made a dozen versions of this healthy frozen treat in the past two years. Sometimes we add Vitol Egg Protein Powder, and roll it into balls, sometimes we use cocoa powder and make it chocolate. You can also substitute almond butter or macadamia butter, even add Nutty Flax cereal for crunch – be creative!

Frozen Sunbutter Fudge

1/2 cup liquified coconut oil
1/2 cup honey
1 cup sunflower seed butter with no added sugar
1/8 tsp vanilla liquid stevia
1/4 to 1/2 tsp Celtic salt

Blend with electric mixer. Pour into a large dish, lined with unbleached parchment paper on the bottom. Top with dairy-free chocolate chips. Freeze for 2 hours, slice, and store in the freezer.

♥, Kelly


  1. says

    All your recipes look great! Unfortunately coconut is a no-no for me, do you have any ideas of what I could use instead. I’ve also been looking into the Vitol Egg Protein Powder, but I can’t seem to find the nutrition info on it. How much protein does it provide. I use NutriBiotic rice protein powder, which is vegan and GF.

  2. says

    Hi Vittoria!

    Thanks for your comment! I found the nutritional info for Vitol Egg Protein Powder on a website called

    As for the coconut oil, I emailed another food coach who is a friend of mine for some advice, because I don’t know of anything that compares nutritionally, or has the same abilities for raw food. What I mean by abilities is that coconut oil solidifies when you put it in the frig. So when it is added to raw pies and such it gives you that pie consistency, where you can slice it and it doesn’t fall apart like pudding. May I ask why it is a no-no for you?

    I will post you again when my friend writes me back, or if anyone else has a suggestion, please let us know :-)

    Cheers, Kelly

  3. Anonymous says

    Dear Kelly,
    I am hooked on these! I must have them in my freezer at all times. In fact, they have replaced my cravings for anything with the “dreaded” sugar! My latest way to use them is to throw a bar into the blender with my protein shake. It tastes like a VERY rich treat.

    Love, Mom

  4. says

    As soon as I saw this recipe I knew I had to make it immediately!!!! I just pulled these bars out of the freezer right now and I am in heaven. I used coconut flakes instead of chocolate chips and it turned out amazing.

    I love your website… I look forward to every post!

  5. Ivy says

    Kelly – I have been reading your post for a while now, though I am not an official “member”. We recently moved to Ecuador so it’s been a bit challenging finding all of the ingredients that I need to make certain recipes. For your Sunbutter fudge recipe is there something that I can use besides the liquid stevia, or can I leave it out all together…I have all of the other ingredients (we brought Sunbutter with us because we can’t live without it). I’m trying to find some yummy, healthy treats for my family to enjoy down here. Thanks!

  6. says

    hey kelly,
    you said that your daughter is (or was) struggling with yeast overgrowth? Aren’t you supposed to stay away from honey if that is the case? Just wondering. I’m pretty sure I have a yeast overgrowth, too.

  7. says

    Hi Christina! I don’t remember all the foods Ashley avoided when we were getting rid of her yeast, but she doesn’t have it anymore, thankfully :-) I owe it to Biociden. There’s a link in the apples with almond butter post :-)

  8. Rin says

    I made these last night and my mom can’t have coconut so I substituted canola oil for the coconut oil. They didn’t harden up but ended up being a delicious fudge sauce for icecream (I added cocoa powder to it). Next time, if I want the fudge consistency, I’ll use palm oil (something that’s solid at room temp).
    Thanks for another fun recipe!

  9. Rin says

    I spoke too soon! When I checked on the fudge made with oil 24 hours later it was offically freezer fudge!

  10. says

    I just made this today with almond butter and no stevia and I can’t stop eating it! I LOVE it. I might not be able to make it again or my weight loss will begin to reverse! Thanks for all the great recipes!

  11. says

    Thank you Kelly, for sharing such an easy, healthy and delicious recipe! I looooooove the nutbutter fudge! I use cocoa powder in mine to give it a nice chocolate flavor. They are now a freezer staple at home and at work. I’m anxious to try substituting the vanilla creme stevia with the peppermint stevia to make a mint chocolate fudge for the holidays.

  12. says

    Thanks for the amazing recipe!! My friend and I made this tonight and fell in love! We couldn’t stop eating it! We substituted peanut butter for the sunbutter, and we ran out of agave and honey so we replaced the rest of what we needed with molasses (the flavor turned out SO yummy!) and my friend had the genius idea to add a sprinkle of coffee grounds to the top along with the chocolate chips. It blew my mind! I would replicate that exactly next time. Wonderful!

  13. says

    As far replacing the coconut oil… wouldn’t be exactly the same, but I have made a high power protein snack with the sunbutter, dry milk powder (I used Vance’s DariFree), agave or honey, and any dried fruit or chocolate accoutrements of your choice. No need to freeze as there is no oil to re-solidify. The milk powder firms everything up. Adding Perky’s Flax adds a fun crunch.

  14. Rebecca M. says

    I love your recipe! My son is under the weather and on the same diet as your girls, so this would make a healthy treat for him that wil cheer him up!

  15. Amanda B says

    I made this for my son for Easter. He LOVED it! I did a small pan of the fudge, then used the rest to make haystacks. I added crisp rice puffs and unsweetened coconut, then put them in mini muffin tins. My husband couldn’t stop eating them! Thanks for a great and simple recipe!

  16. says

    I made these the other night and they are incredible! I’m a little addicted to them and I feel concerned about the sugar content (even though it’s all from natural sweeteners). I’m thinking of using unsweetened almond butter and brown rice syrup instead! Thanks for the great recipes, Kelly! I’m thoroughly enjoying learning to cook with coconut!

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