Homemade nut milk

I make almond milk by blending a cup of soaked blanched almonds with 4 to 5 cups of purified water, and straining it through a nut milk bag. You can also use cheesecloth, or even a thin kitchen towel. Add some agave or a little vanilla liquid stevia if you like. I also love macadamia nut milk, which you can make exactly the same way :-)


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    How long should you blanch the almonds for milk? I know for other recipes you do some nuts for 3 hours and in some applications I have seen you do it for 8 hours.-just wondering.


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    Hi Faith!

    I’ve never had success blanching my own almonds, so I buy them already blanched. But you can use almonds with the skin on too, it will just taste more nutty.

    Sometimes I soak my almonds for almond milk from 3 to 8 hours, but usually I don’t. I should. It’s easier to digest them if you do.

    Thanks for asking! -Kelly

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    I put my almonds in a cup to blanch them…the next morning they were double the size. So instead of 2 cups blanched almonds I had 4! I went ahead and made nearly a gallon of almond milk. Taste kind of watery to me so I may cut back on how much water I use or my best bet might be to restrain the almonds through a few more times to make sure I get all the yumminess out of them.

    After that I used the leftover nut fiber from the milk to make almond butter. That turned out nice, and now I am on my way to make the brownies you have on here with my almond butter…life is good!

    I tried making your chocolate chip cake and my soda or powder is old because it was too bitter. I drowned it in your chocolate ganiash…but I need to buy more soda and powder.

    Off to the store, thanks for all the recipes I am grinding my way through them all day!


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    Oh I can’t wait for you to make the flourless brownies! They are my favorite! I really hope you like them! If the batter is too thick, you can add a couple tablespoons of water of coconut oil. It should say that in the post though.

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    Thanks for the blog lots of fun yummy recipes! I am going to try to make almond milk for the first time looks easy. I was just reading the comments and I blanch almonds a lot to make almond cream to dip strawberries in. I pour boiling water over almonds let it set until you can handle the almonds then squeeze each one and they pop out of the skin – kinda fun. But you can’t use them straight from the freezer it won’t work… I’ve tried it :( they have to be room temp. just thought I would share. BTW I just made your vanilla bean cake WOW SO good!!! My husband and I loved it the ganache is super yummy. thanks again

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    Hi Palmer!

    Thanks for the tip! I know a lot of people will appreciate that!

    I’m so excited you are enjoying the recipes! Thank you so much! :-)

    There are also videos of how to make almond and cashew milk under “labels” on the right hand column.

    I can’t wait to hear what you try next!

    Love, Kelly

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    Your videos are great thanks! I made almond and cashew milk last night and they are both great. They turned out so white and creamy… we normaly use rice milk that we buy but we are going to switch to almond now – healthier w/o all the added “vitamins” in the store rice milk and fresh. I used the left over almond meal to make brownies and oinion rings. The onion rings were good but you had to eat them straight out of the oven. But the brownies were really good! I used black beans too – love using beans now 😉 If you want to try the recipe I’m going to post it on my blog: 40dayhealthchallenge.blogspot.com
    We are not gluten-free but I make a lot of things that way ie. rice flour pancakes etc. Oh – my husband made your iced coffee drink w/ the frozen cashew milk – he gave it 2 thumbs up!! He loved it – he said it tasted like it had dairy in it for sure. thanks

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